The Mido Multifort Datometer watch hands-on

The Mido Multifort Datometer watch hands-on

14 June 2018 | Mido , Watch Reviews

Mido was born 100 years ago – the perfect figure for a brand that, until two years ago, was virtually unknown in Italy and that made itself known through chronographs such as the Mido Multifort Chronograph Special Edition, a collection that celebrated its first 80 years in 2014 and is the longest-running Mido watch, and with highly successful diver’s watches such as the Mido Ocean Star Captain Titanium that was replicated this year also in an original blue-gold color. In the eyes of the public, apart from those vintage-inspired versions like the Mido Commander with their historical logo, the Swiss brand has never exaggerated with its historical re-enactments and vintage-inspired watches, mainly because it is a brand projected into the future. The manufacturer did it this year though to revive the concept of heritage that such a long-lived brand can boast and that should be emphasized this year.


A 1939 timepiece as a source of inspiration for the celebration of Mido's 100th Anniversary

This anniversary brings back to light one of Mido’s icons - the Mido Multifort Datometer or, if you prefer, the Datometer. It is a model launched in 1939 and the chance to discover those watches that are part of the brand’s historical archives.

mido-multifort-datometer-originalIf you check the 2018 Datometer, you will clearly see that it almost entirely mimics the original Datometer both from an aesthetic point of view and from what the general proportions are concerned – except for the variants of the modern version like the 40mm-diameter-case, a reasonable size for a 2018 three-hands-watch with a date; something unheard of on a 1939 three-hands-timepiece.

mido-multifort-datometer-2018-vs-originalThis is an incredibly current size as were the 34 millimeters of the original version. The golden-colored-case is PVD-treated - a process that is used on accessible luxury watch collections, because it gives a vintage taste and a luxury touch without necessarily raising the price like it usually happen with gold versions. However, a gold version was also created by Mido, its release is expected in the autumn-time.


A three-hands-timepiece with a Pointer Date, as it used to be in the past

Among the main features – which, in some respects, already anticipated in 1939 the tastes that would later become common starting from 1950 - are the silver dial and, above all, the date with an arrow-shaped hand that is also known as "pointer-date" – something that entirely eliminates the unsightly date window. The Mido Multifort Datometer is a triumph of details; the date hand is in rose gold with a red lacquered tip and is crafted in the shape of a half-moon. The hours and the minutes hands are of the dauphine-type, while the arrow-shaped markers on the dial have undergone the same PVD-treatment as the case.


Lyre lugs, as seen on the original Datometer

An interesting and quirky detail is the design of the lugs; they are slightly curved towards the inside of the strap like on the original version and actually, to a more attentive eye, Mido accentuated this motif on the modern version. In my opinion, that touch of vintage inspiration that gives credibility to the whole set lies in the font used on the dial that are the exact copy as on the original - a very beautiful and incredibly current detail.


What do I think? I think the 2018 Datometer is one of the most interesting novelties of this year

What marks the 100 years of difference between the two versions is the movement - Mido, which means 'precision' in Spanish, was famous for the reliability of its calibers throughout the 20th century and what still makes it stand out from the mass is the brand's choice to equip its timepieces with calibers of the latest generation that feature unrivaled performances if compared to those of all its competitors. In some cases these calibers even exceed the specifications of similar calibers used by other brands of the same group. 

This is a strategy that clearly aims at reaffirming Mido's position as an innovative and prestigious brand, because the brand can actually sport such a successful movement with 80 hours of power reserve like the caliber 80 on series products like the Ocean Star Captain Titanium or the Mido Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition just to name a few. I challenge you to find other brands that are able to offer a watch with these features and an authentic vintage touch and feel at a retail price of 1,110 euro - it is hard to find any fault on a timepiece that was missing from the Mido collection; it is a well-balanced watch that highlights once more the important history that Mido can boast.

(Photo credit: Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

Instagram -  Gaetano Cimmino

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