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"Out of " Baselworld 2014

GRAHAM London 2014

Distinction...always! If you were looking for the GRAHAM booth at Baselworld 2014, you might have never found it in any of the fair’s pavilions, or in any of those pavilions closer to the central one, such as the Palace. The GRAHAM booth was indeed not far from the main entrance, it was placed there as a stand-alone booth, you had to follow this map, as if in search of a treasure:

GRAHAM 1695 at Minamoto Restaurant

For a few years, now, the restaurant Minamoto has been the unique location in which the brand invites all the watch enthusiasts, its footprint is so different from those standard booths in the fair, it is a place which fully reflects the spirit of the English born, Swiss adopted brand. It is a place where you can relax and enjoy GRAHAM's new collections.

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Graham Silverstone RS Endurance 12h Graham Swordfish Booster Black Graham Chronofighter Oversize Blue
As you walk in, in a room close to the bar, GRAHAM displayed all of its 2014 collection. And proved its spirit to be chameleonic. The brand is capable of rapidly changing its image: “yesterday” the Chronofighter Oversize was the quintessential sporty chronograph, while the 2nd generation Oversize is more avant-gardist in tech and style. In both cases its trademark, the trigger, is always there:

Graham Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow 2

And I’ll be honest: when I first saw the new Chronofighter (Oversize), I was not sure I liked it, as I was so used to the classic RAC chrono and its mirror polished case. It is also true that the 1st generation Oversize was a bit unattractive but, GRAHAM has made this new model a sleeker timepiece, with a slimmer case and an attractive new carbon fiber lever and ceramic bezel.


The only Oversize that has not changed, though, is the GMT, one of GRAHAM's most appreciated timepieces ever. The 2014 Oversize collection is enhanced by the addition of GRAHAM’s Chronofighter Arrow, in three camouflage designs which are not a first if you're familiar with the brand and its SAS limited edition Chronofighter from a few years back, and also with the Superlight Carbon, whose case and trigger are entirely made out of carbon fiber. Its total weight is less than 100g!

Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton

A special spot, especially for the undersigned, is reserved for the Silverstone RS Skeleton (HERE), a timepiece I personally introduced some time ago which amplifies, in my opinion, the perception of the GRAHAM brand. I previewed it in Geneva in January, and wore it. This is a timepiece that needs to be seen live: the dial’s design, the holes on the rotor, and the finish create a fascinating ensemble.

Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton 2 Graham Silverstone RS Endurance Graham Silverstone RS Gold Black
It is not by pure coincidence that GRAHAM included two new models: the Silverstone RS Endurance 12h and the Silverstone RS Endurance 24h. Whether you’re ready to race the Sebring 12hr, the Le Mans 24h or not, in both cases you can have a sporty chonograph: the first one is a classic tri-compax chrono with a 12hour counter, the second one is a single button chrono with a 24h counter, which is made in just 250 pieces.
Graham Chronofighter Oversize Blue Graham Chronofighter Oversize Chronofighter_Oversize_Superlight_Carbon Graham Silverstone RS Endurance 12h Graham Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow 2 Graham Swordfish Booster Black Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton 2 Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton

 (Photo credit: courtesy of GRAHAM London, Horbiter's proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C. @Horbiter - Watches e Luxury

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