The GRAHAM Silverstone RS Skeleton

The GRAHAM Silverstone RS Skeleton

17 December 2013 | Graham , Watch Reviews

The GRAHAM Silverstone RS Skeleton

GRAHAM is a brand with a strong brand identity, characterized by unique brand image among small producers of high-end timepieces. Its name derives from the famous English watch maker George Graham, referred to as the father of the chronograph, the dead-beat and the cylinder escapements, and innovations such as the mercury pendulum, to reduce the influence of temperature on the proper functioning of watch, just to name a few. In 1995 the brand was taken over by Eng. Eric Loth, motoring and watch enthusiast with an important history in the world of watchmaking, which has re-launched with the Chronofighter:

Graham Chronofighter drawing for Horbiter a timepiece with a bold personality, and the original start-stop lever of the chronograph function (the trigger) that can be activated by the thumb of the right hand only, a unique concept in the landscape of modern watches, tribute to those chronographs used by World War II pilots: Graham Chronofighter Fortress for Horbiter 2

The range of GRAHAM was subsequently enriched with other models, all of them always characterized by a design of a strong aesthetic impact and rather generous case dimensions, such as the Booster or, in fact, the Silverstone. Watches that you love, or hate, do not know half measures.

Graham Silverstone Stowe 44 for Horbiter

In their development process, GRAHAM watches have known, in our opinion, two stages: the first with major investments in the field of calibers, all on an industrial base, the culmination of which was reached by Tourbillograph few years ago, an antishock chrono-tourbillon, and the Orrery in 2013; and the second was characterized by a complete review of the range that supports today's most classic lines of the Chronofighter 1695, with the most daring and avant-garde Oversize collections intertwined with motor racing - Baja 1000 - Tourist Trophy - Macau GP - GT Asia:

An introduction mandatory (especially for a part of the Italian audience) to understand the path the brand is following and to introduce the GRAHAM Silverstone RS Skeleton that represents the latest creation from GRAHAM. The GRAHAM Silverstone RS Skeleton is the equivalent of the Chronofighter from latest generation in the Silverstone range, sporting the use of high-tech materials and an even more solid link with the world of motor-racing:

The case is round, as it should be that of a Silverstone, but we are at a more refined level of execution; sporting a ceramic bezel, derived from ZrO2 (zirconium oxide ), with engraved a tachymeter scale, that carries, underneath, a ring that was worked Clous de Paris which, in the "British Racing Green" does so much Goodwood's Festival of Speed:

The difference is that, with the GRAHAM Silverstone RS Skeleton you would not drive a Cooper Climax but rather a 2013 Lotus F1. Under the case-back (secured by 6 screws PVD treated) the rotor bears three holes, a tribute to the engineering technique to lighten the car body to achieve maximum performance, the rest is the initials RS for Renn Sport. But the best view it is admiring the skeleton dial with gears that make the movement imitating the gearing cascade of the engine (or if you prefer, the balance wheel visible through a hole on the carrure), with the glaze on the cake of the GRAHAM logo, engraved on the glass. The movement is the caliber G1790, with the balance wheel oscillating at 4Hz and anti-shock Incabloc device, a tribute to precision and robustness. To summarize, an original watch, a mature product and more and more high-end dedicated to true fans of motor-racing, it would be even nicer to see what it's like with a case made out ??of carbon fiber. And a watch, as always we have become accustomed by GRAHAM, very exclusive as it is made ??of just 250 pieces for each of the three colors available (Red-Green-Blue ), all at a price of 12,500 Swiss Francs.

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