The Citizen Promaster Super Sport JW0111-55E

The Citizen Promaster Super Sport JW0111-55E

05 July 2015 | Citizen , Japanese Watches

If you are from the US you will find it filed under the name “Citizen Promaster Super Sport JW0111-55E”, whereas if you are from somewhere else (depending on the market) you will find it filed under the name “Citizen Promaster Super Sport JW0124-53E” (or even filed under another name.) Whatever the name of the watch in your country is this is the famous “Citizen Promaster Super Sport”, a super-complicated belonging to the Promaster collection and featuring a long series of interesting, better to say endless, functions specifically developed for globetrotters and time measuring addicts alike.

The timepiece in a nutshell: through the vaguely-trapezoidal-shaped-sector that is placed on the dial's bottom right side corner you are able to check the time of 43 different cities or, better to say, the time of 43 different timezones. Besides this you are also able to set the alarm clock for the city of your choice and, last but not least, the digital part is also used to measure milliseconds along with the analog visualization (chrono counters go up to 1/100 of a second). Citizen also added a digital module with a lap timer that allows you to track the speed of up to 20 fast laps and provide, for each one of them, the average speed too. The case is in stainless steel and it is 43mm wide.  

The digital dial features a strong red light backside illumination to make it easier to check your dial in the dark when compared to a standard dial, whose light is usually green. From an aesthetical point of view we could call the style of this watch “transitional”, a term widely used when talking about some other brands already and meaning a style situated somewhere between the slightly “overcrowded”  layout of the recent analog-digital Citizen watches and the full-analog multi-layer design of the Citizen Promaster Altichron Cirrus (please see our full article on here), the look of the Citizen Promaster Altichron and the aspect of the latest Citizen Promaster Aqualand Depth Meter (please see our full review on here).

We need to keep in mind that it would be complicated, but perhaps the company is working on this already, to collect all these functions within a purely analog architecture, in particular the 1/1000 second measurement feature alone would require perhaps a big design effort (think, for instance, at what TAG Heuer did with its Mikrotimer). If I take a good look at my Citizen watches (I own an Altichron and a Depth Meter) I think that the final result would be simply outstanding.

What you're reading on here is just a preview article, I took some pictures of the Citizen Promaster Super Sport JW0111-55E while on a business trip but, unfortunately, I didn't have too much time to fully enjoy this timepiece. I hope to come back to you with a full in-depth review as soon as possible, although the Citizen Promaster Super Sport JW0111-55E is not retailed in Italy (I tried many times to get my hands on it but it is not available on the Italian website), so if you like it I would suggest taking a look at the brand's American official website and if you are looking into buying one you should turn to official online retailers or unofficial ones. The retail price is 750$.

(Photo credit: Google; Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C.@Horbiter®

@Gaetano Cimmino


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  1. user Yaz scrive:

    I just bought this watch today and it's awesome.

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