Trucchi Orologeria

Trucchi Orologeria

03 October 2013 |

Trucchi Orologeria - Naples

You don’t often have the opportunity to visit an important boutique of haute horlogerie. Even more, an authentic piece of Italian history of watch making. It is reductive to define Trucchi Orologeria a boutique. It is an atelier that, since 1907, year in which it was established, has served the entire Neapolitan aristocracy, to become later the point of reference and elite parlour of the middle- class passionate about watch-making.

Trucchi_Orologi_10_C15_L-5_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_13_C10_L-5_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_25_C5_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_18_red_firma

On the other hand, Italy is a country always populated by individuals passionate and expert of watches and personalities that have contributed to the development of the most important brands of luxury watch-making. Trucchi Orologeria , founded by Cesare Trucchi, is located in one of the oldest, full of history and most evocative places in Naples, that Piazza Trieste e Tresto (once Piazza San Ferdinando) that is the crossroad of the Palazzo Reale, the Teatro San Carlo and Piazza Plebiscito on one side, Via Chiaia and Via Toledo on the other side. It has overcome wars (destructions), crisis and economic cycles …but the historic headquarters, it is always there, ready to welcome the watch lover, not necessarily or exclusively for the sale but even only for a chat, to talk about watches and the latest news, greeted by professional and extremely competent people. These are the features that some call details, but they are not, that distinguish Trucchi Orologeria from many other watch boutiques. And it does in a unique environment just like more than 100 years ago, with fine wood furniture whose look recalls the refined atmosphere of an English club. And unique is the portfolio of the proposed brands.

Trucchi_Orologi_15_C10_L-10_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_14_red_firma Piaget Altiplano Breguet_10_Hz_red_firma

One for all: Patek Philippe, whose plate is displayed on top of the arched door that gives way to the repair workshop. Very few know that Trucchi Orologeria has been and still is a point of reference for Patek Philippe in Italy! This says a lot of the competence and quality that a maison such Patek has recognised in Trucchi. Today, Trucchi Orologeria has added to the historical headquarters a new site, located in the Chiaia neighbourhood, and has an offer of “lover-proof” brands: from the ultra complicated Breguet and Patek Philippe, to the ultra-thin ones from Piaget, but also sports ones such as Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer and avante-garde brands as Audemars Piguet, Hublot, IWC, Roger Dubuis. To carry on with more accessible brands such as for example Longines and Rado. And always the latest news from the collections displayed at SIHH or Baselworld. Would you like a proof? The next review from “30 minutes on the wrist” will see as guest star a fascinating model and very but very difficult to find of which I am sure you have never heard about. Stay tuned!

Trucchi_Orologi_10_C15_L-5_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_13_C10_L-5_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_5_C5_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_25_C5_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_18_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_22_C20_L-25_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_3_C5_L-10_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_14_red_firma Trucchi_Orologi_15_C10_L-10_red_firma Breguet_10_Hz_red_firma Piaget Altiplano Breitling Unitime

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