Gaetano Cimmino

How it all started

My passion for watches started when I was 15 and my father gave me a Bulova Accutron that his father had originally given to him as a gift. From that moment on, I started reading and gathering information about watches on an occasional basis until the moment I eventually discovered the beautiful IWC collection by Porsche Design, which used to feature on every issue of the Architectural Digest magazine and ideally linked together my two biggest passions: watches and cars. From then on, it has been a continuous crescendo, which has culminated with me officially launching a magazine in two languages called Horbiter® in September 2013. The name Horbiter® is a clear reference to everything, which revolves around the world of watches and, in a few years' time, the magazine has become an important web­based magazine fully acclaimed by competent aficionados, professionals in the field of horology and important watch brands.

The mission of Horbiter®

Horbiter® is a specialized publication featuring original pictures and videos and an editorial style based on assertive and real opinions, something that is still not widespread enough in Italy. It is a multi-channel media dedicated to watch enthusiasts where I can contribute by bringing my professional experience as a former manager in the Durable Consumer goods.

Editorial team and head office

The team includes today the undersigned, founder and owner of Horbiter®, three contributors, a person who's in charge of graphic design and Social Media, a Webmaster and a SEO expert as well as an external team for the production of photos and videos, both in Italy and abroad. The headquarters is based in Milan, Viale Montello. For any information do not hesitate to drop an email to our official email recipient (horbiter@horbiter.com) or send me a direct message through my Instagram profile.




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