How it all started

My passion for watches started when I was 15 and my father gave me a Bulova Accutron that his father had originally given to him as a gift. From that moment on, I started reading and gathering information about watches on an occasional basis until the moment I eventually discovered the beautiful IWC collection by Porsche Design, which used to feature on every issue of the Architectural Digest magazine and ideally linked together my two biggest passions: watches and cars. From then on, it has been a continuous crescendo, which has culminated with me officially launching a magazine in two languages called Horbiter® in September 2013. The name Horbiter® is a clear reference to everything, which revolves around the world of watches and, in a few years' time, the magazine has become an important web­based magazine fully acclaimed by competent aficionados, professionals in the field of horology and important watch brands.

The mission of Horbiter®

Horbiter® is a specialized publication featuring original pictures and videos and an editorial style based on assertive and real opinions, something that is still not widespread enough in Italy. It is a multi-channel media dedicated to watch enthusiasts where I can contribute by bringing my professional experience as a former manager in the Durable Consumer goods.

Editorial team and head office

Gaetano Cimmino - Founder and Editor-in-chief

gaetano-cimmino-horbiter-ufficialeI founded Horbiter® in 2013 and Horbiter|Cafè® in 2019. After spending eighteen years in the Durable Consumer Goods business, I decided to pursue the development of Horbiter® Digital Media, in mid-2018. In 2019, I enlarged the media by launching Horbiter|Cafè®, a community-based website. My new full-time job as Editor in the business of Digital Media also consistently increased my knowledge of all things digital, with specific regard to luxury-oriented communication and professional SEO. Horbiter® Digital Media is headquartered in Milan, in Viale Montello. For further information, please do not hesitate to drop me an email to horbiter@horbiter.com or through my Instagram profile.

Francesco Falcone - Contributor

francesco-falcone-horbiterFrancesco has joined Horbiter® Digital Media at the beginning of 2020. Like the undersigned, he has a long experience in the Durable Consumer Goods industry, where he held several Executive roles in Product Marketing and Communication. A great admirer of mechanical watches, with a soft spot for Omega, Rolex, and IWC, Francesco is equally a passionate Contributor (he has covered Watches and Wonders with plenty of articles) and in charge of Business Development, by supporting me in the deployment of the roadmap. It is an active contributor to Horbiter | Cafè® Radio, our Podcast, too.

Fausto Dassenno - Technical Development Horbiter|Cafè®

fausto-dassenno-horbitercafe-1Fausto is an external consultant and has developed Horbiter|Cafè®. We chose an innovative business model whose layout outperforms all the standard platforms adopted by current forums in terms of effectiveness, user-oriented approach, and development capability.

Marco Antinori - photographer

marco-antinori-horbiter-1Top-notch photography is core to Horbiter® Digital Media's premium creative process and offering. Marco Antinori is a professional photographer based in Milan, boasting a long experience and unique photo-shooting watches skills. His work is complemented by Peter Tung's, our American based photographer, who's usually in charge of producing content for all but Italy.

Peter Tung - photographer

peter-tung-horbiterPeter is an experienced IT engineer with a great passion for professional photography and an even stronger admiration for wristwatches. He lives and works in Austin, Texas, where he officially covers many local and national events. We occasionally met before SIHH 2018, and since then, we became close friends and began working together during the leading International Watch fairs. Peter has covered SIHH and Baselworld for two years in a row. I suggest you discover his works by visiting and liking his Facebook page: Peter Tung Photography.

Francesco Paolo Esposito - SEO Manager

Francesco is the founder of the agency Erreciweb and has a long experience in defining and executing effective SEO projects, especially in the luxury and e-commerce businesses. Its integration within the team is in line with our strategy of improving and maximizing our organic reach, which is among our media's priorities. Francesco supervised the full site architecture's overhaul, completed in July 2020. Since then, Horbiter® has already grown and improved its organic reach in one-month time. The one-off activity is complemented by recurring activities to continually improve the site's contents and update the site's layout according to the latest Google algorithm.

Daniel Yong - Contributor

Better known as Mr. Grand Seiko on Instagram, Daniel Yong is an Australian collector with extensive Japanese Haute Horlogerie experience, especially, as his nickname suggests.

daniel-yongHe published our first article on a Credor watch, which is also the first professional hands-on review of the Seiko Group's premium luxury brand ever released by an Italian magazine.


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