Blancpain just for women

Blancpain just for women

08 May 2013 | Blancpain , Women's watches

Blancpain...just for women!

Women and watches, that happy union no one really talks about, but to which Horbiter has dedicated a column (Horbit-her). Considered primarily as a prevalently male object, the luxury watch has become increasingly popular with women, often "obliged" to draw liberally from the male catalogue or from female versions of watches geared strictly to the male of the species (with quartz movements). Manufactures are now offering a wide range of models for an increasingly competent public. No longer a simple watch – jewel, with decorations overwhelming mechanics, but highly technical and sophisticated styles that do not suffer any inferiority complex in respect of male versions. BLANCPAIN, representative of the finest in haute horlogerie, established as far back as 1735 (the oldest manufacture in the world), stands out for the production of timepieces that embody a perfect symmetry between innovation and tradition. Its catalogue now includes a vast range of watches, all mechanical (including the complicated ones) and…for women!


At Baselworld 2013, inside a stand located at the very centre of the Main Hall, animated by master watchmakers, the manufacture presented its collection - including the standout Ultraplate caliber 1150 (photo above). An absolute masterpiece with inlaid mother of pearl dial, bezel with a double row of diamonds (0.59 carats), a 34 mm case of white gold, alligator skin watchband lined with Alzavel calf leather, the Ultraplate is not only resistant, it is a pure pleasure to wear. And since BLANCPAIN is known for its superb wedding of art and technique, it also has an automatic movement with over 100 hours of reserve power, is ultrathin (the manufacture is the leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical, ultra thin and complicated movements) and presents a beautifully decorated rotor.


If you prefer the version in pink gold (photo above) the dial is still in mother of pearl, but the hours hands are decorated with 0.06 c diamonds and the bezel covered in 1 c. diamonds. The watch is animated by the caliber 1150, only one of the many and exclusive movements designed and made in-house, by a manufacture that also makes the instruments to assemble its calibers. In both cases there is elegance, luxurious decor and great discretion. But of course there are never any excesses with BLANCPAIN, nor any references to passing fashion. Whether for men or women, this is a watch to be purchased and worn with care because the wearer is the type of person who appreciates fine timepieces, created by ateliers, with mechanical movements and quadrants assembled and decorated by hand.

(Photo credit: Horbiter's proprietary photo-shooting)

Mariarosaria A. @ Horbiter - Watches & Luxury

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