The Mido Ocean Star Caliber 80 PVD Rose Gold watch hands-on

The Mido Ocean Star Caliber 80 PVD Rose Gold watch hands-on

30 August 2018 | Mido , Diving Watches

Where have we seen each other already? The Mido Ocean Star Caliber 80 PVD Rose Gold is one of the innovations of the Swiss brand that, to celebrate its first 100 years of history, has introduced in several collections the rose gold PVD treatment of the case, a new version of the historic PVD treatment, which makes a well-known surface coating, created to protect the case from bumps and scratches, appear different; it also gives the piece the appearance of a watch with a rose gold case. We saw it on the Mido Baroncelli Trilogy, on the Mido Datometer on the Mido Commander and on the Mido Belluna and now it has been added to one of the brand's best-selling watch collections (after the Multifort I guess), the Ocean Star. In short, Mido has added a pink gold PVD version to each of its collections.

The Mido Ocean Star

We have spone at length, and on two occasions, of the Captain Titanium, the first and most famous version of the Ocean Star, which is one of Mido's most successful watches. We talked about it on two occasions and it was also the protagonist of a video we made for Mido last year, but it is curious to note how the collection is today more simply called Mido Ocean Star Caliber 80, on the official website. Whether the name remains Captain Titanium or not, is not very important, it is undoubtedly one of the most usable diver's watches, in and out of the water, that Mido has made in 2017 even with a soft rubber strap with deployant clasp, making it adaptable to all water sports in general.

mido-ocean-star-caliber-80-pvd-rose-gold-1The ingredients that have guaranteed the success of the Mido Ocean Star Caliber 80 are apparently simple, yet not everyone can summarize them in this way: the case is wide (42.5mm) but its style is simple, without frills. The lugs are elongated and the case is very thin; if you look at the watches that have been most successful in the last 40 years, you will notice that they all share one common element: balance. Mido is among the very few brands that aim to make extremely balanced watches, aware of the fact that well-studied proportions and substance last long (none in the benchmark boasts a caliber with 80 hours of power reserve). It is a golden rule that applies in this price range, as well as in the higher one, in which there are iconic watches that perfectly resist the passing of the years and increase their value.

The case in PVD-treated Rose Gold

The introduction of the Rose Gold PVD case has brought other product news. The case is combined with an opaque blue dial with a grainé finish, and a rather thick technical fabric strap, perhaps a little too thick as it makes it a little stiff on the wrist, closed by a beautiful pin buckle. The buckle is beautiful because its style is a mixture of satin and glossy finish, in which the shiny part recalls the thin shiny bevel on the lugs of the case. Both the case and the buckle are in pink gold PVD treated steel and the wearability is exceptional, thanks to the thickness of only 11.75mm.

mido-ocean-star-caliber-80-pvd-rose-gold-3In Mido they have worked very hard on the wearability, and I insist on this aspect, which is too often sacrificed by the brands on the altar of design. In this direction should be included the choice to encase the small crown, which is not only intended to protect it from accidental bumps, but to prevent it from bothering when driving or, more generally, when one is forced to bend the wrist.

mido-ocean-star-caliber-80-pvd-rose-gold-4I would only reduce the thickness of the strap that tends to be, at least when new, stiffer than expected. The color combination, if you do not know you are dealing with a PVD case, naturally suggests it is a watch with a bronze case, also for the type of strap and for the markedly sporty appearance.

Shape and function: 80 hours of power reserve

We speak little of this, because we are led to think that technical data tends to bore the reader who often wants to separate it from the context of an article, but the maximum power reserve guaranteed by a Mido Ocean Star Caliber 80 PVD Rose Gold is almost double the one that is offered by the majority of the three hands timepieces with date belonging to the same segment, which usually stop at the 42-hour power reserve of their ETA (base) or Sellita calibres.

mido-ocean-star-caliber-80-pvd-rose-gold-5The caliber 80, an ETA evolved for Mido, is also a movement with date and day of the week, inserted in a long rectangular window positioned at three, an additional small mechanical complication that further elevates its perceived value. Style, extreme functionality and high efficiency priced below the 1000€ threshold, once again another great value proposition by Mido.

(Photo credit: Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C @Horbiter® 

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