Hamilton Ventura Skeleton and Hamilton Ventura Quartz

Hamilton Ventura Skeleton and Hamilton Ventura Quartz

That day we met Spider-Man and the Men in Black...in Milan!

28 June 2019 | Hamilton , Watch Reviews

Hamilton is the only watch brand to showcase, on the Italian version of their official website, a page specifically dedicated to "Watches and Cinema." It proves how active is the link between the brand and the film industry; I grew up when the brand had partnered with Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey and just described, a couple of weeks ago, how significant was the Khaki Murph in the making of Interstellar. However, Hamilton Watch first appeared in a movie more than eighty years ago when the Hamilton Flintridge and the Hamilton Piping Rock appeared in Shanghai Express. The Ventura is the last in a row of wristwatches not to simply appear in films or tv series but play an active role instead.

hamilton-ventura-skeleton-3The Hamilton Ventura has this year doubled its presence, as did the brand when it created a new contemporary take on the Ventura alongside the classic one. They share the same signature case design, something you hate or love, that makes this timepiece unique. 

hamilton-ventura-quartz-men-in-black-2The former, technically more refined, is the Hamilton Ventura Skeleton, appeared in Iron Man and showing up later in Spiderman: Homecoming, the last chapter of the saga.

The latter is instead the Hamilton Ventura Quartz, standard equipment to agents M and H in the sequel to Men in Black, the first ironic take on the alien-invasion genre, where Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, wearing a Blues Brothers' outfit like, have been replaced by two new actors, on of them being the American actress Tessa Thompson.

The Hamilton Ventura Skeleton.

Let's be frank: the Ventura is unusual. It is not the kind of watch that's sitting on top of your list if you're ready to buy your first one unless you specifically desire a Ventura. Tony Stark is, for example, a perfect character for the Skeleton as are fashion trendsetters, even though the Ventura has a large following already. The first to have ever wrapped it around his wrist was Elvis Presley, who turned this odd watch into a status symbol. Kudos to Hamilton watch for often conceiving out-of-the-box products that add to core collections like the Khaki.

hamilton-ventura-skeleton-2If we compare the Skeleton to the original version, we reckon the brand has transformed a thin and triangular-shaped edgy timepiece into a more modern, smoother, technically advanced, and avant-garde product. The skeletonized dial mimics the Spider logo visible on our hero's suit and is black as the PVD-treated steel case. Is it just a design exercise? It is not, since it guarantees at least 80 hours of power reserve too. It is one of the best-crafted Hamilton watches I have ever seen, and one of the most comfortable I have ever worn. 

hamilton-ventura-skeleton-1The biggest letdown is common to many skeletonized watches: it is not super-legible, but that is something you have to deal with when you're buying a Hamilton Ventura Skeleton. Also, I believe you instead buy this watch to convey a different message and share your personality too. It is perfect if you're a fan of comics and themed luxury accessories. The Skeleton was produced in 999 copies, each retailed at € 1,900.

The Hamilton Ventura Quartz.

When Will Smith played in the original "Men in Black" released in 1997, he was wearing a Hamilton Ventura Quartz chronograph. That film became a cult, and agent M, one of the two agents starring in Men in Black: International, played by actress Tessa Thompson, wears a Hamilton Ventura Quartz.

hamilton-ventura-quartz-men-in-blackCompared to the Skeleton, the Hamilton Ventura Quartz is a whole different watch. Although the movie takes place in the future, Tessa wears an almost exact re-issue of the 1957 original watch.

agent-m-tessa-thompsonThe Ventura Quartz and Skeleton are pretty different from each other: the Quartz is much thinner, is long and narrow at 32.3 x 50.3 mm, compared to a Skeleton's 42.5 x 44.6 mm wide and long case.

hamilton-ventura-quartz-men-in-black-1They share the same triangular shaped case. Period. If you are more into the original Ventura, here is where the story began. The Hamilton Ventura was the first electric battery-powered watch ever, as the motif printed amidst the dial suggests, and retails for € 735.

(Photo credit: Marco Antinori per Horbiter®)

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