Hamilton American Classic ODC-X03

Hamilton American Classic ODC-X03

Hands on with the last Limited Edition created by the Sci-Fi ambassador in watchmaking

23 June 2017 | Hamilton , Watch Reviews , Baselworld 2017

When it comes to innovation, pioneering spirit and side thinking, few brands have the creative vein that Hamilton can boast. The manufacturer is able to fully preserve the culture of Khaki and, at the same time, to come up with incredible creations and watches that are worthy of the most advanced design studio.

HAMILTON-X-01The Hamilton American Classic ODC-X03 is the latest and the most successful example of a project developed in conjunction with the world of American space-specializing cinema that would have definitely deserved a comment from the great Stanley Kubrick. His masterpiece, “2001, A Space Odyssey”, led to the debut of another specimen from the brand that has become the object of the desire of watch collectors and science fiction memorabilia collectors alike, and that was redited in 2001 as Hamilton X-01 (please see picture above).

HAMILTON-American-Classic-ODC-X-03-H51598990-dueHamilton is the brand that created the Face 2 Face; a fascinating reversible watch, a star in the firmament of the frequent banality that surrounds the world of watch-making, it is also the brand that came up with a very particular – albeit classic - Khaki that Matthew Mc Conaghuey wore while filming “Interstellar” and a timepiece that I personally suggested to produce exactly the same. The Hamilton American Classic ODC-X03 was designed by Nathan Crowley; the production designer of “Interstellar”. It is not a watch that was born for the movie shooting, but rather an experiment that continues the story of Hamilton as the creator of timepieces crafted out of sheer creativity.

HAMILTON-American-Classic-ODC-X-03-H51598990-treIt would be interesting to find out how much Nathan was involved in the design of the Hamilton American Classic ODC-X03 and why the chosen planet - represented by a 3D laser printing - is Jupiter rather than Saturn; a planet that is Matthew's and his crew reach through the wormhole while looking for a new planet that could accommodate the entire population at the brink of extinction on a rapidly destroying Earth planet. On the dial, planet Jupiter appears to be emerging on the horizon, while a remaining part is completely transparent. Three separate dials indicate the local time, the home time and the UTC, despite ideally looking more suitable to represent the different time space conditions rather than the time zones of a land traveler.

HAMILTON-American-Classic-ODC-X-03-H51598990-setteTo craft this timepiece, Hamilton combined a small automatic caliber (that can be viewed by turning the watch and that is probably the smallest caliber available today) with two quartz calibers for the two counters; the whole lot was manufactured by ETA. Through a laser technology, a list of all the major characteristics of the planet (such as size, temperature range, duration of one year compared to that on planet Earth and gravity) was engraved on the case-back of the watch.

HAMILTON-American-Classic-ODC-X-03-H51598990-cinqueThis half is linked to the planet's image - that was created through 135 different 3D laser print operations - through three small screws. The hexagonal shaped case exceeds 49mm in size but is made of PVD-treated titanium and displays no outer crown, but rather three thin embossed antennas that, once taken out, can adjust the time on the three dials. A Velcro strap with a pin buckle is attached to the case.

HAMILTON-American-Classic-ODC-X-03-H51598990-seiThe Hamilton American Classic ODC-X03 is the utlimate and only representative of Sci-Fi in watchmaking and will be made in just 999 pieces, each retailed at 3500€. Is it a collector's item for Sci-Fi watchgeeks? Yes, it is, in my opinion!

HAMILTON American Classic ODC X 03 H51598990 otto HAMILTON American Classic ODC X 03 H51598990 sette HAMILTON American Classic ODC X 03 H51598990 sei HAMILTON American Classic ODC X 03 H51598990 cinque HAMILTON American Classic ODC X 03 H51598990 quattro HAMILTON American Classic ODC X 03 H51598990 tre HAMILTON American Classic ODC X 03 H51598990 due HAMILTON American Classic ODC X 03 H51598990

(Photo credit: Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting by Entropik)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

@Gaetano Cimmino

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