Greubel Forsey eliminates animal leather from its straps

Greubel Forsey eliminates animal leather from its straps

30 June 2021 | Greubel Forsey Watch Talk

The watch industry is setting itself on a new path to adopt an ethical approach to business, generally speaking.  One great example is, for instance, Panerai, whose latest achievement is a fully recycled timepiece, inside and out. Yet, it is not the only luxury brand to have changed its mission. Other brands follow up, and animal leather is under the loupe since luxury brands buy large quantities of animal leather to craft their timepieces' straps.

greubel-forsey-plant-based-straps-1The headline news is that high-end boutique brand Greubel Forsey has announced it won't offer any animal leather crafted straps as of 1st January 2022 while replacing them with plant-based materials' straps across the entire offering. It is pretty challenging for a brand this exclusive since customers' experience must be in line with expectations so far. In doing so, Greubel Forsey claims they will be offering a like-for-like experience in either "touch and feel", long-term durability and resistance.

greubel-forsey-plant-based-strapsConsequently, let's expect other watch brands to follow the same approach and after-market strap manufacturers too. Although Greubel Forsey hasn't disclosed any information regarding their supplier, I won't be surprised if this decision will soon extend to most current after-market strap suppliers.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Greubel Forsey)

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