The Eberhard & Co Extra-Fort Special Edition Moreschi

The Eberhard & Co Extra-Fort Special Edition Moreschi

17 July 2016 | Eberhard & Co. , Watch Reviews

There are standard limited editions and above-the-average limited editions and, when it comes  to understatement, taste and refinement we cannot overlook the special series that Eberhard & Co. crafted in cooperation with Moreschi. This is a special limited edition based on Mr.Moreschi’s longstanding passion for his Eberhard that culminated in the creation of a limited series of Extra-Fort pieces that have been customized using the colours, the image and even the leathers of the Italian brand.

Eberhard & Co Extra-Fort Special Edition for Moreschi 3I am usually not a big fan of double logos appearing on the case and on the dial of a timepiece but the co-branded product that Eberhard & Co. and Moreschi, namely the Eberhard & Co. Special Edition for Moreschi, have released has quite an intriguing and appealing look: the “Moreschi” writing is perfectly centred between the date window and the central hands, the font matches perfectly well Eberhard & Co’s and the beige-coloured soleil style dial mounted on an ostrich leather strap creates a warm overall appearance that reminds us of those successful three-hands limited series crafted towards the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s when simplicity and good taste were king (as an example we could reference the IWC Mark XII for Emilio Fontana.)

Eberhard & Co Extra-Fort Special Edition for Moreschi 2The award for best designer should go to the person who had the idea to place the Moreschi logo at 12 o’clock, the "two shoes" seem to have been specially created to fit the dial of a classic timepiece. Considering the quite frequent collaboration between the world of fashion – pretty man-oriented in this case – and the world of watch-making, I would suggest repeating this experimental adventure as soon as possible rather than making it a one-hit-wonder.

Eberhard & Co Extra-Fort Special Edition for Moreschi 6The inner mechanics of the Eberhard & Co. Special Edition for Moreschi are the very same reliable ones as the Extra-Fort watches’, the caliber hosted within the case is a Sellita SW200 – hopefully Eberhard & Co. will soon come up with its very own in-house built caliber – this is a special opportunity not to miss if you consider the special appeal that this brand has both in Italy and abroad and, thanks to this new addition, its fame could grow even further.

The Eberhard & Co. Special Edition for Moreschi is a classic timepiece that has been re-edited with taste, it is a very successful experiment and something that stands out from the crowd in a sector where three-hands-timepieces are pretty much very similar to each other. On top of things, this watch is also a potential collector’s item since only 200 pieces that retail at the decent price of 2,500 euro have been released.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Eberhard & Co, Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

@Gaetano Cimmino

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