The JeanRichard “208 seconds” Aeroscope is Captain Sully's timepiece

The JeanRichard “208 seconds” Aeroscope is Captain Sully's timepiece

03 February 2014 | Watch Reviews

“208 seconds” were the seconds during which Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger, captain of flight 1549, saved 155 lives back in 2009. Represented by 4 concentric circles reproduced on the dial of the new JeanRichard “208 seconds” Aeroscope. It is not unusual JeanRichard chose the Aeroscope model to celebrate this event.

JEANRICHARD_208 seconds Aeroscope for Horbiter 2

The JeanRichard “208 seconds” Aeroscope has been recently launched in NYC in close partnership with Tourneau, the most renowned retailer in the US. Along the Tourneau Time Exhibition, a timepiece exhibition designed by a boutique, whose origins date to 1900, which is widely considered as the Mecca to the Big Apple's watch enthusiasts. Not only has been the launch event very exclusive, as you may see from these images, what deserves your attention more are some new and attractive technical features of this timepiece. The JeanRichard “208 seconds” Aeroscope will be produced in just 208 pieces, thus representing a true limited edition timepiece. Please take a look at the dial, and note you won't find anything else in the Aeroscope range.

What is surprising us is we were right: the Aeroscope is JeanRichard's proving model for the introduction of new materials. The case is made out of titanium, DLC (Diamons Like Carbon) coated, a process that adds scratch resistance, far more than a PVD treatment. Titanium is coupled with carbon fiber composite inserts placed alongside the chrono-pushers.

Caliber is the well known JR60, an industrial base movement, with the balance wheel that vibrates at 4Hz and a 42h Power Reserve. Simple and robust. The package is completed by a Barenia leather strap showcasing the well known JeanRichard folding buckle. What is clear to us is the continuous work made by JeanRichard to upgrade, step by step, the technical features of its timepieces, without overdoing them, whose outcome may be regarded to as probably the most attractive Aeroscope model evermade! UPDATE: please read here our hands on review from Baselworld 2014!

(Photo credit: courtesy of JeanRichard)

Federico N. @Horbiter®

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