Victorinox Inox 2015 - The collection expands

Victorinox Inox 2015 - The collection expands

15 April 2015 | Victorinox , Watch Reviews

The Victorinox Inox has been an undeniable success. The commercial result achieved by the “indestructible” watch one year ahead of its official debut has gone way beyond any expectations. In my opinion this is due to the credibility of a product that is unique in watch-making industry, and boasts a series of exceptional technical features that Victorinox communicated effectively and in a likeable and pleasant way (take a look at the videos accompanying our official review). The brand's creative director Francois Nunez gave this watch a neat design with no frills, original despite clearly drawing inspiration from a Girard-Perregaux Laureato, and a classic style that's missing from any of the competitors' propositions (I'm thinking about the Casio G-Shock). The Swiss brand has then positioned it very carefully, thus creating a whole new niche.

From new addition to an already substantial portfolio, the Victorinox Inox has soon become the brand’s flagship, and Victorinox continues to develop it, unveiling a series of versions and accessories that prove Inox to be an unstoppable laboratory of ideas, that enhances the brand’s chameleonic and highly customizable spirit. Simply creating a new cover (the unmistakable cover placed on the bezel) or choosing a new strap, you might easily change its style. It thus becomes a luxury sports-watch with a vintage feel with the Victorinox Inox Remade in Switzerland, that we have already written about, where bumper and strap have been made by using the leather once used in the 19th century as standard equipment of the Swiss Army.

It may otherwise appear sporty and eccentric with the Victorinox Inox Naimakka, where the rubber strap (that in the meantime is also available in red) has been replaced by a new strap made in partnership with Naimakka, a Swedish company that since 2012 specializes in making Paracord cool bracelets, the Nylon-based textile widely used today, used for the very first time for parachute cords during World War II. Victorinox has equipped the Inox with a strap designed by Naimakka, that features an original clasp and supports a 250kg load, available with a black or camouflage strap.

Those who were looking for an elegant take on the Inox need not wait any longer: at Baselworld the brand has launched a full stainless steel version, whose bracelet has not just an aesthetic function. The bracelet alone has needed two years to develop, to withstand the same 130 tests undergone by the watch's case, including an 8 tons load on the weakest component of a bracelet, the clasp. It is nicely done but it makes the Inox look a bit too common.

In my opinion this model, along with the Remade in Switzerland, are two proposals destined to make the Inox collection more upmarket, to make it fashionable and more appealing to a broader audience, not just a champion of resilience, a feat you just appreciate as time passes by but not everybody's driver when buying such a watch. The best example is the Naimakka, the most appealing among the new releases and the model that best represents an Inox's spirit, with its strap that reminds of a Perlon and compass-shaped bumper. The prices? The Victorinox Inox Remade in Switzerland, made in just 250 pieces, is sold out (it retails at 749€). The Naimakka will be made in 1000 pieces and, at a price of 575€, is in my opinion the most appealing Inox ever made.

(Photo credit: Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C. @Horbiter®

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