Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

10 August 2020 | Seiko

It's usually hard to access the entire brand's product portfolio on a single page, on any brand's official website. A watch brand's aim is to make their website as intuitive as possible, and divide into different product categories. We decided to follow up on what we have already done about other brands, when we focused on selected collections, and organize the 2020 Seiko new watch catalog, as published on their website, on a single scroll-down web page. Also, please bear in mind the 2020 official Seiko new catalog does not include all the timepieces, and, this is new, you can read it onto this page. 

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

We have embedded the pdf version for your review. The one attached at the bottom of this page is the official catalog currently available, which is the International version and collects the 2020 new releases for Seiko Prospex, Seiko Presage, and Seiko Astron. The former represents the mainstream offering: you won't find all the timepieces, as the new Seiko 5 collection or the Seiko Sumo, to name a few.

Seiko Prospex - models and prices 2020

When it comes to professional diving watches, Seiko belongs to a league of its own. The brand's product offering is vast in terms of options, price range, and, above all, technologies. It is no coincidence that the name Prospex stands for Professional Specification, and the logo appears today on any professional Seiko diving watch. However, we believe the Prospex series deserves a specific section on our website, that's why we're working on designing a Seiko Prospex page on Horbiter®. The collection turns 55 years in 2020, a milestone that Seiko has celebrated with exclusive limited edition watches, and introducing a scratch-proof and pitting-resistant patented steel, marketed as Ever-Brilliant Steel (which I reckon is a competitor to Rolex's 904L).

Seiko Prospex LX

The LX collection represents the top-end Prospex collection (LX stands for Lux, from Latin), and a more contemporary take on the sturdy diving tool watch. It is the result of a collaboration project with award-winning designer Ken Okuyama. It pairs a manga-looking design, showcasing sharp edges and bold personality, with Seiko's Spring Drive technology.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

The brand confirms the 2019 line-up, despite adding a couple of stunning limited edition pieces not belonging to the standard catalog, which introduces new options using titanium and Cermet, adopted for case and bezel, respectively.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

Among the LX's weakest points are weight and size, which drastically restrict the audience. Seiko's marketing experts and engineers introduced, therefore, titanium when they conceived the Seiko Prospex LX SNR041J1 and SNR045J1. The references above retail for 6,100 Euros (SNR045J1) and 6,600 Euros (SNR041J1), respectively.

Seiko Diver's Watch 55th Anniversary Limited Editions

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Prospex collection, Seiko has released three limited series watches, earlier this year. Each draws inspiration from a specific vintage Seiko diver. Please welcome the Seiko Prospex SLA037J1, a modern re-edition of the Seiko 62MAS whose first re-issue dates back to 2017, although this new one is far more refined since it adopts the Hi-Beat 8L55 caliber and an Ever-Brilliant Steel case. Limited to 1,100 pieces, it costs 6,500 Euros.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

Seiko has also unveiled the successor to the Seiko Prospex 1968 Automatic Diver's Re-creation Limited Edition SLA025 presented at Baselworld 2018. Like its sibling, the Seiko Prospex SLA039J1 sports a one-piece case crafted in Ever-Brilliant Steel along with Hi-Beat caliber 8L55. It is limited to 1,100 units too and costs 7,000 Euros. Finally, the Seiko Prospex SLA041J1 celebrates the 1975 original Tuna. Also coming in as a 1,100-piece limited edition collection, it costs 4,500 Euros. You may find plenty of information by reading our introductory post.

Seiko Prospex SPB143J1, SPB145J1, SPB149J1, SPB147J1

The four new timepieces, positioned in the 1,000-Euro price point area, are a modern, affordable re-issue of the Seiko 62MAS, whose main visible difference is a bigger bezel. Featuring a 40,5mm large and 13,2mm thick case, they are among Seiko's best value propositions for 2020.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

They house the same seventy-hour power reserve Seiko 6R35 caliber that powers the current Seiko Sumo too. The Seiko SPB149J1 is limited to 5,500 pieces and is the most expensive, retailing for 1,350 Euros, like the SPB145J1. The SPB143J1 retails for 1,250 Euros and, finally, the SPB147J1 costs 1,050 Euros.

Seiko Prospex SPB151J1 and SPB153J1

When re-issuing a vintage diving watch, Seiko's strategy is about introducing a high-end proposition followed a year later by a more accessible product offering.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

The same goes for the Seiko Captain Willard's (or, else said, Seiko Apocalypse Now), whose original one is associated with Japanese explorer Naomi Uemura's Antarctic expedition. After revealing the Seiko SLA033J1 in 2019, the brand offers the lower end Seiko SPB151J1 and SPB153J1, which cost 1,350 Euros and 1,150 Euros respectively.

Seiko Prospex Tuna SLA042J1

Exactly five years after the launch of the Seiko Marinemaster 1000m Emperor Tuna Rose Gold SBDX014, Seiko has introduced a new edition, whose source of inspiration keeps being the 1975 first Tuna.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

It is the same watch, powered by the Seiko caliber 8L35, capable of running for 50 hours when fully wound. However, the wording Marinemaster has been replaced by the Prospex logo. The 2020 Seiko Prospex Tuna SLA042J1 retails for 4,000 Euros.

Seiko Prospex Save The Ocean Special Edition SRPE39K1 and SRPE33K1

Seiko introduces two unique, non-limited edition variants of its flagship entry-level divers, the Seiko Turtle and the Seiko Samurai. The Japanese brand has joined the circle of those watch brands that actively support associations whose mission is to protect the oceans. The most impressive common feature is a blue dial reproducing a group of manta rays swimming, paired to the same black ceramic inlay we discovered when reviewing the Seiko King Turtle.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

They also sport a magnifying glass atop date (Samurai) or day and date (Turtle) window. They are powered by calibers 4R36 and 4R35, respectively (they are the same base caliber), offering approximately 41 hours of autonomy. The Seiko Turtle SRP E39K1 costs 620 Euros; the Seiko SRPE33K1 costs 630 Euros instead.

Seiko King Samurai SRPE35K1 and SRPE37K1

The Samurai steps up to become King Samurai, welcoming a ceramic bezel, and a new dial. Both options feature the same dial's pattern found on the Seiko Turtle King Diver, the SRPE35K1 coming in black, and the SRPE37K1 with a cream dial instead.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

The Seiko SRPE35K1 is offered with a steel bracelet, while the Seiko SRPE37K1 comes standard with a rubber strap. They retail for 625 and 595 dollars, respectively (both models are not yet officially available in Europe).

Seiko Prospex Padi SRPE27K1

We haven't seen any new Seiko watch carrying the PADI badge for some time, as seen on plenty of exclusive edition diving watches in the last two years. I have often wished Seiko to introduce a PADI Marinemaster, but I guess it'll never happen.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

The brand has often associated PADI to mid-low end products, positioned below products like the Prospex SLA023J1 and its siblings. The last chapter of this partnership is the Seiko Monster Padi SRPE27K1, whose retail price is 530 Euros.

Seiko Alpinist

Within the Prospex collection, there's also quite a less known product like the Seiko Alpinist, not your ordinary Prospex watch, whose inspiration is outdoor exploration. The 2020 new Alpinist is a time only timepiece with the date and cathedral hands available in three options, one with a bracelet and two with a leather strap.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

The green dial of the reference SPB155J1 is rooted in 1995's original Alpinist. Seiko offers three product options boasting a 20bar rating: the Seiko SPB155J1, the Seiko SPB157J1, and the Seiko SPB159J1. The prices of the three models have not yet been disclosed.

Seiko Presage - models and prices 2020

The Presage is the classic Seiko timepiece par excellence; it combines a clean, uncluttered style to base mechanical complications. The collection includes a Prestige and a Basic line; with the Prestige, it showcases Seiko's "savoir-faire" in the art of enameling, through four types of decorative art: standard enameling, Urushi, Shippo and Arita porcelain.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

Each celebrates a specific Japanese decorative technique, which identifies a particular town where they have been introduced initially and perfected. Also, the Prestige collection includes timepieces whose design takes inspiration from master designer Riki Watanabe. Top-down, let's begin by adding the Prestige collection and some appealing limited series watches.

Seiko Presage Porco Rosso Limited Edition

Based on the Seiko Presage Riki Watanabe Spring Drive and Seiko Presage Chrono, respectively, Seiko has introduced two unexpected and exclusive limited series in collaboration with Studio Ghibli, the author of the famous anime cartoon Porco Rosso. The Seiko SNR047J1 is more refined since it adopts the Spring Drive 5R65 movement boasting three days of maximum power reserve and accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

It also is the most expensive Seiko Presage ever; each of the 500 units retails for 5,800 Euros. The Chrono version is slightly more accessible; It guarantees 45 hours of maximum power reserve. Thanks to the Seiko 8R48 caliber, the Seiko Presage Porco Rosso Limited Edition SRQ033J1 comes in 600 pieces and costs 4,100 Euros.

Seiko Presage Prestige SJE081J1

Initially revealed in 2019, the Seiko Presage Prestige SJE081J1 has a black Urushi enameled dial. The Urushi lacquer is a centuries-old Japanese tradition obtained by extracting the sap from a particular Japanese tree. It offers a pure, deep, and intense black color, according to Seiko.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

The (beautiful) Presage Prestige SJE081J1's Urushi dial is crafted by master craftsman Isshu Tamura in Kanazawa, on the western side of Japan, and is painted and hand-polished several times. The number twelve in lacquered gold is applied by using another technique known as Maki-e. The out-of-the-ordinary craftsmanship explains why its price is close to 4,000 Euros (3,900 Euros).

Seiko Presage Prestige SJE079J1

Shippo is a specific type of enameling developed in Japan during the 17th century. For example, it differs from Arita porcelain enamel for its transparency and for the way each dial is polished after the firing process, which is particularly challenging, given it has to be applied to a part whose thickness does not exceed 1 mm.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

The Seiko Presage Prestige SJE079J1's dial is deep blue and reflects the color of the ocean. Paired to the blue tone is a wave pattern mimicking the waves breaking on the shores of the Japanese islands. The Seiko Presage Prestige SJE079J1 retails for 3,990 Euros.

Seiko Boutique Limited Edition SPB173J1

This particular version of the Presage Prestige is unique: the blue-green enamel is made by the master Mitsuru Yokozawa, who boasts over 40 years of experience. At this address, please find additional information regarding the enameling process.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

The Seiko Presage Boutique Limited Edition SPB173J1 measures 40,5mm, across, and 12,8mm in thickness. The Seiko 6R27 caliber guarantees approximately 45 hours of maximum power reserve and offers a +25 to -15 seconds per day accuracy. It has a price list of 1,500 Euros, and the easiest way to buy it is to access the French online boutique.

Seiko Presage Riki Watanabe SPB161J1 and SPB163J1

The Riki Watanabe inspired series has grown, with the introduction of two new timepieces, taking inspiration from the legendary and minimalistic Riki Steel Clock. The references SPB161J1 and SPB163J1 fill the gap between the SPB113J1 or SPB115J1 and the top-of-the-range variants with the Spring Drive movement, namely the Seiko Presage references SNR037J1 and SNR039J1.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

Seiko Presage Riki Watanabe SPB161J1 and SPB163J1's dials are crafted by a team led by master artist Mitsuru Yokosawa; the ultra-minimalist dial with thin baton indexes and the hour hand is a clear homage to the Riki Clock. Powered by the Seiko 6R27 caliber, they cost 1,400 Euros.

Seiko Presage SSA411J1 - SSA412J1 - SSA413J1

Zen gardens are ideally reproduced on these Presage Basic line wristwatches. The Seiko Presage SSA411J1, SSA412J1, SSA413J1 are time-only watches with a 38,3mm large steel case, housing the Seiko 4R38 automatic caliber.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

Each dial reproduces the circular motif, which is familiar with Japanese gardens, in three color options. A circular opening lets you admire the mechanical movement. Each of them, as listed, costs 530, 580, and 530 Euros, respectively.

Seiko Presage SRPE41J1 - SRPE43J1 - SRPE45J1

In 2010, Seiko launched the Cocktail collection, which raised lots of success. Since then, plenty of limited or special editions have been released, most of them reproducing some of the world's most famous cocktails.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

This year, the brand comes with five new variants; the references SRPE41J1, SRPE43J1, SRPE45J1 are inspired by Negroni, Manhattan, and Mojito and cost 450 Euros each.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

Additionally, the two limited series SRPE47J1 and SRPE49J1 introduce the Milan mesh bracelet on a Presage for the first time. They are part of a limited edition of 5000 pieces and come in a special box containing a replacement leather strap. The retail price is 630 Euros.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar 5X53 - models and prices 2020

When it came out, in 2012, the Seiko Astron was a revolutionary GPS solar watch, featuring no less than 100 patents, including a miniaturized antenna placed beneath the bezel. That collection and the following ones are no longer in the catalog; during the last eight years, the Astron GPS Solar collection has technically grown and aesthetically evolved. Seiko's focuses are the 5X Dual Time series, whose case is inspired by the original Astron's cushion case shape.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

The reference SSH069J1 you see in this photo is the Sport Titanium version whose case has been blackened out via a Black Hard coating. The buttons have a slightly different shape than the standard one, featuring grooves to increase grip, while the dial has an exclusive fine-grained design. It costs 2,800 Euros.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

My favorite 5X series variant is, no doubt, the reference SSH071J1 featuring green ceramic dial and bezel, with contrasting gold accents. It is priced as the Sport Titanium; they share the same titanium case.

Seiko catalog 2020 and Seiko 2021 price list - the full guide

Finally, the latest addition is the Seiko Astron GPS Solar 5X named after Novak Djokovic. It comes in blue, white, red, reproducing the Serbian flag and sharing red and white with the Japanese. Also, blue is a celebrated color in Japanese tradition, too, as it stands for "victory." This reference comes in steel and costs 2,600 Euros.

Seiko 2020 catalog - you can browse it here

We listed and described in summary, with prices, the main products available in Seiko's 2020 international catalog. Moreover, we decided to publish it in PDF here too, so that you can sit down and explore the new products. As stated, the 2020 Seiko Catalog is currently only available in English, and, as anticipated at the beginning of the article, you will not find all the collections available for sale. The communication department has focused on promoting specific watches and unique or limited edition watches, leaving apart some core collections that are the bread and butter of the current offering. Among its pros, readers are given a summary of the models available. Conversely, any Seiko newbie cannot access the entire Seiko offering.

(Photo credit: Peter Tung for Horbiter®, courtesy of Seiko Watches)

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