Introducing the new Mido watches for 2021

Introducing the new Mido watches for 2021

30 March 2021 | Mido , Watch Reviews

Mido is among the most active brands and has introduced many new products across three collections: diving watches, classic but contemporary, classic vintage-inspired ones. On top of them, I'll rank the brand's new diving watches, with the renovated Ocean Star 200C holding first place. Let's discover the new Mido 2021 watches by surfing collections and models:

Mido Ocean Star 200C

The 2021 new Ocean Star 200C was first unveiled across the Asian markets, the most important commercial area for Mido. As far as the collection regards, the current Ocean Star 200 deserved a significant overhaul, despite old and new ones are both listed in the brand's catalog, currently.

mido-ocean-star-200cUnlike the originally-released Ocean Star, the Captain Titanium, Mido has chosen the steel options to introduce the 2021 Ocean Star's new design. The old aluminum inlay on the bezel leaves room for a ceramic ring in three colors: green, blue, or gray. The tone-on-tone dial showcases a new and unique wave pattern.

mido-ocean-star-200c-collectionAlso, the new model comes with round indexes in replacement of the old baton ones, making a bold statement and reinforcing the Ocean Star's diving watch pedigree. Each new product variant comes standard with a brushed and polished three-link bracelet with folding buckle and diving extension. What a pity, Mido didn't introduce a quick-release device to swap from bracelet and strap quickly and vice versa. Finally, the new style strengthens the "family feeling" across the collection and closes up with the professional Diver 600.

mido-ocean-star-200c-1From a technical and overall size standpoint, it's no breaking news; the case measures 42,5 mm and prides itself for being among the slimmest in this class of products. The Ocean Star successfully combines style, engineering, and build quality with a hard-to-beat price point, like for like. The new Ocean Star 200C retails for under 1000 Euros (990 Euro) while dramatically increasing touch and feel; it's a lot of added value at no extra cost to the final consumer.

Mido Ocean Star Tribute Khaki Green

The Ocean Star has undergone a restyling as massive as the upcoming Ocean Star Tribute watches are range extenders instead. Mido is adding a third color option (plus a two-tone in steel and gold PVD not pictured here) to those on sale already. Featuring khaki-colored bezel and dial, the Mido Ocean Star Tribute Khaki Green extends the collection from vintage-inspired diving watches to a kind of outdoor sports watch in steel.

mido-ocean-star-tribute-green-2The khaki-colored strap has white stitching on it and a pin buckle with an embossed Mido logo. Again, don't look any further when it comes to size and mechanical movement; the new one still measures 40,5mm while preserving a glass box along with class-leading Mido caliber 80.

mido-ocean-star-tribute-green-1I prefer the full-steel Tribute with a wetsuit diving extension. A quick-release system is, once again, a missed opportunity, even more so when I look at how frequently a standard consumer is swapping bracelets, especially during the summer season. The Mido Ocean Star Tribute Khaki Green retails for 850 Euros.

Mido Multifort Patrimony Chronograph

The Mido Multifort Patrimony Chronograph is the vintage chronograph you might want but couldn't afford and a bolder proposition than the original Mido Multifort Patrimony presented in 2019. Also, the two counters' layout is a stunner. The 42mm case includes a slim bezel, which results in enlarging the dial to such an extent to easily accommodate the tachymeter scale on the outer part of the dial. The latter comes in a vivid blue tone, showcasing a sunray finish on top, contrasting the two registers' circular finish.

mido-multifort-patrimony-chronograph-2The glass box amplifies the vintage feel by deforming numerals and scales under certain angles. It adopts the 4Hz Mido caliber 60 capable of running for 60 hours when fully wound. Adjusted in three different positions, and with oscillating Côtes de Genève decorated mass visible through the case back, that's a rugged self-winding caliber whose biggest letdown is it makes the watch too thick.

mido-multifort-patrimony-chronographHowever, I think such a timepiece would stand out if equipped with a hand-wound caliber. The 1950 Euros retail price is twice as high as its diving watch siblings and among the highest across the Mido product offerings. To sum things up, it's a lovely timepiece; adding a hand-wound movement would make the package more compelling.

Mido Baroncelli Signature

Last but not least, here is the new Mido Baroncelli Signature. Mido has uncovered 30 and 39 sized wristwatches, along with several options (six in total), including two-tone variants and bracelets or straps (the bracelet option is the one to go if you ask me). Let's take a look at what's new.

mido-baroncelli-signatureStylistically, the designers aimed to raise the collection's perceived value by adding a "Clous de Paris" mid-pattern, paired with a sunray finish and a knurled ring on the dial's outer edge. Technically speaking, the Signature is introducing a relevant update; both calibers, coded as caliber 48 and caliber 80, adopt a Nivachron hairspring for the first time.

mido-baroncelli-signature-2It means that the 39mm Mido Baroncelli Signature Caliber 80 is the first-ever Mido to introduce a Nivachron-equipped Caliber 80, something we expect to see across the brand's product offering anytime soon. Both models will retail for 790 Euros, as they hit the stores.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Mido)

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