The Mido watch owned by Bugatti fetches 272800 Euro

The Mido watch owned by Bugatti fetches 272800 Euro

22 April 2021 | Mido , Watch Auction

Mido is a brand taking inspiration from architecture, whose collections try to mimic the sleek and minimalistic lines found on buildings, bridges, exemplified by their advertising campaigns. However, our readers and most collectors know how much a Mido vintage watch is sought-after among vintage watch die-hard fans. The brand has introduced several product innovations during its more than one-hundred years' history, including trending designs, too, like the so-called "car watch," which initially appeared during the first half of the 19th century, manufactured either in collaboration with Ettore Bugatti and other prestigious automotive brands.

mido-ettore-bugatti-watch-3-bEttore Bugatti commissioned Mido to supply a selection of hand-wound watches, showcasing a miniature replica of the signature horseshoe-shaped grille. The watches, crafted in either gold or silver, came on a leather strap and were gifted to his relatives and the most valuable drivers and mechanics working for the company.

mido-ettore-bugatti-watch-2-bThe order also included his personal Mido Bugatti, the only piece to adopt a gold case and bracelet. His watch hit the headlines last April 17, when the auction house Stanislas Machoïr sold Ettore Bugatti's watch for an incredible 272800 Euros.

mido-ad-car-watchThat experiment opened a cycle; back then, Mido built several "car watches" whose case showcased the grille of Alfa Romeo, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Rolls-Royce, thus promoting perhaps the first massive collaboration between a watch manufacturer and a car producer, which sounds so popular these days. The auction's results give Mido a new lure and foster brand image and historical pedigree like never before.

mido-ettore-bugatti-watch-1-bShould we expect Mido to relaunch a car watch collection anytime soon? It's hard to tell, even more so considering the brand's current vision; also, keep in mind that most car manufacturers mentioned above, Bugatti first and foremost, partner with other watch brands. Such an operation likely aims at reinforcing Mido, which is still regarded as new in the industry, while this story reaffirms the brand's rich pedigree, as proved, for instance, when they launched the Decompression Timer last year, too.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Mido)

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