Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 - an appealing bi-compax chrono not just for youngsters

Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 - an appealing bi-compax chrono not just for youngsters

13 December 2015 | Mido , Watch Reviews

I am openly partial to Mido and for a very good reason; when you think that every single gap in the watch market has been filled already, when you think that there is no room left for another timepiece to be squeezed in between entry-level items and high-end ones, when you think that your wishlist has been completed already, there is always something new on the market that immediately makes you change your mind. The most interesting thing is that Mido managed to achieve this fantastic result by putting together simplicity and originality; a motto that is very much in vogue in Cupertino but a result that is usually quite difficult to achieve, no matter what the brand and the product involved are. The Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 is Mido's latest interpretation of the chronograph and it is the second one that you will find on this site following the Mido Multifort Chronograph Special Edition and the third one if you include the Mido All Dial Special Edition too.

Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60I got to see the latter one last March while in Basel and, after a few months, I managed to lay my hands on it for a bit longer than the usual 30-minute-try-on-time-frame that you are granted while visiting a watch exhibition. Generally speaking, I usually appreciate an extremely simple style and the willingness not to show off at all cost; take a good look at a Mido All Dial Special Edition and then let me know if you could ever find another timepiece in Europe, United States or Japan that is as simple and sophisticated as this one.

Mido Multifort Caliber 60The Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 follows the very same principle but also manages to go beyond it with its Cotes de Geneve decoration; a strong element of style. The brand wasn't the first one to use it but it is definitely among the first manufacturers to ever use it as a symbol of modern style rather than traditional style. The black vertical waves reflect the light thanks to the sapphire glass and they provide the dial with a somewhat tridimensional effect and a premium look. The dial reminds me of those bi-compax chronos from the 50s, it sports two chrono counters that are perfectly symmetric and centered, the date is located at 6 o'clock within a small window that has been intentionally made narrow and long so as not to break the perfect geometrical pattern of the vertical lines of the dial and of the round applied indexes. This is not a vintage-like watch; the hands are red in colour, a dramatic change from the usual orange colour that is traditionally associated with this brand.

Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60The case measures 44mm in size and it is made of sandblasted steel that has been coated using a PVD treatment. The band reminds me of those after-market “Rally Straps” and it is made of black calf leather with red stitching that is the very same colour as the hands, it is extremely soft and it sports a deployment clasp buckle with two security buttons that allow an easy opening/closing. The presence of the two counters, the thickness of the case and the lightness of the watch clearly suggest that this timepiece is equipped with a new caliber rather than an evolution of a Valoux 7750 (that is usually very reliable but, at the same time, also heavier).

Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60The Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 features a last-generation caliber that has been developed by ETA for the "entry-level" brands belonging to the group (the same thing can be said for Hamilton). To name just three very different but, in my opinion, quite important characteristics of this type of  the caliber, let me please tell you that it is fitted with the Nivachoc shock-protection system and blued screws and that it allows up to 60 hours of power reserve.

Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60The last edition of the EICMA exhibition was the perfect occasion to try on the Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 while browsing the stalls, show it to some friends there and even take it for a ride on a motorbike. It might be a coincidence but the Multifort clearly takes inspiration from the world of motorbikes and those spot lights that are usually every photographer's nightmare (even of professional ones) perfectly illuminate the watch's Côtes de Genéve decoration and the two chrono counters with their colimaçon motif.

Of all the possible combinations, I think that the best one would be coupling the Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 with a Ducati Monster 1200 R. The retail price of this timepiece is slightly above the 1,700-euro-threshold and it is definitely one of the best retail prices on the market if you consider the technical characteristics of this watch and if you compare its content with its retail price. The Mido Multifort Chronograph Caliber 60 is surely the best option between the three available ones, it is more comfortable to wear and more balanced than a Special Edition (the bi-compax dial can't be beaten) and it really suits everybody. My friend and I are both 41 and despite the fact that I am not sure what Mido's target audience is, let me assure you that this chronograph is not only suitable for the youngsters.

(Photo credit: Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C. @Horbiter®

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