Gobbi 1842

Gobbi 1842

The most important Rolex and Patek Philippe retailer in Italy turns 175

02 October 2017 | Patek Philippe , Rolex , Events

-175 years of life indicate that your business has gone through much of the recent history of Italy, it is an example of entrepreneurial continuity that very few enterprises can boast, and, just like a historic establishment in Italy, it is also something that needs to be preserved and to be proud of. It is somehow reductive to define Gobbi 1842 as a store or as a historic watch dealer; it is much more than that!

Serena-Pozzolini-GobbiIn my family, when we talk about Italian historic establishments, we always place Gobbi 1842 at the very top of the list. Anyone who is passionate about watch-making and about either one of the two/three luxury brands that dominate the dreams of Italian people (Rolex and Patek Philippe, the third is Audemars Piguet) can take the boutique situated on Corso Vittorio Emanuele as their point of reference and as their very own elegant living room. It is almost an understated place if you simply look at the boutique windows from the outside, but it is your final destination if you want to get your hands on a Nautilus or on the new Daytona.
Gobbi-1842-175-years-anniversary-dinner-party-milan-2Gobbi was born in 1842 in Modena and then moved to Milan, where, today, welcomes Italian and many foreign clients alike. Keep in mind its location and the importance of the Milanese quadrilateral of luxury, whose epicenter can be found on Via Montenapoleone and, for those of you, who are passionate about watches, an entire side of Corso Vittorio Emanuele can be considered as its natural continuation. The store was destroyed during WWII and then rebuilt in 1949, today, the store accompanied its Milanese customers to a magical evening event organized in a unique location; the Sforzesco Castle in Milan.

Gobbi-1842-175-years-anniversary-dinner-party-milan-5No other place is as full of meaning and suitable as this castle to celebrate the first 175 years of a boutique that was founded before the Unification of Italy. An evening of rare elegance and beauty held inside the most important Milanese monument (along with the Duomo), where Patek Philippe and Rolex were reunited for the first time, an exceptional attraction for all watch-enthusiasts and also for two manufactures that can be considered as complimentary to each other when it comes to their imagining and positioning.
Gobbi-1842-175-years-anniversary-dinner-party-milan-3An entire side of the courtyard inside the Castle was perfectly divided into two parts. On one side were hosted the current Rolex collections, while on the other side was the whole Patek Philippe world, ranging from the Aquanaut all the way to the super complicated watches of the manufacturer, going through today's most sought-after reference; the 5711/1, better known as the time-only Nautilus.
Gobbi-1842-175-years-anniversary-dinner-party-milan-4It was a clear message that aimed at reminding us that Gobbi 1842 is the Milan-based reference for all those of you, who are passionate about the two Geneva-based brands. Since the 30s, Aldo and Gastone have decided to jointly retail watches, jewelry and golden items, thus making their store into a 360-degree-boutique both for him and for her. On the first floor of the store you can find a laboratory and a customer care center.

Serena-Pozzolini-Gobbi-e-Gianpaolo-MariniNot surprisingly, during the event, Gobbi 1842 also presented its new jewelry collection that Serena Pozzolana Gobbi decided to call "Fairy tale" and, at the end of the night, each guest was given as a gift a bracelet with the motif of the new collection. It was an evening of rare elegance, organized in an absolutely perfect way that brought together collectors, enthusiasts, journalists and the best of Milan's upper class people.

(Photo credit: courtesy of AFF Comunicazione) 

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