Three questions designer Carolina Bucci

Three questions designer Carolina Bucci

Please welcome the lady who replaced the "Tapisserie" motif on a Royal Oak's dial

10 April 2019 | Audemars Piguet , Women's watches

Carolina Bucci is not any jewelry designer. She's a tireless, talented woman with a burning passion for design, combined with the DNA of who's born in the cradle of the Italian gold masters, Florence, but has traveled the world, and has stopped by for a long time in the US during her journey. She proved her mastery as a watch designer too in 2016 once Audemars Piguet revealed its limited series created in collaboration with Carolina, who developed an unexpected take on the classic Royal Oak.

Carolina-Bucci-royal-oak-frosted-gold-3No one had ever revised the Royal Oak so profoundly before. Not only did she succeed where others had failed but the collaboration project between Audemars Piguet and Carolina was renewed in 2018, with the outcome being she raised the bar further from a design point of view. During the exhibition of the 2018 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frosted Gold collection, held in Milan towards the end of last year, we sat down with her for a ten minutes talk about the project. That period was long enough to understand the story behind, her perseverance and what to expect in the coming future.

Q - Good morning Carolina, my first question regards the product and a challenge that no one has ever won before, except you. How were you approved to replace the "tapisserie" motif from a Royal Oak's dial?

A - I used the same rules that I apply in my daily job. When I'm assessing a new project, I don't care at first glance whether it is hard to make it or not, or are there any rules to abide by; I envision what I'd like to create. Once the free creative process is over, I take a few steps back and think about how to make it feasible. After my first experience with Audemars Piguet, I decided I had to design a Royal Oak in yellow gold with a mirror dial.

Carolina-Bucci-royal-oak-frosted-gold-2When I first presented my new project to Audemars Piguet, the first answer I was given was a firm no. Period. I'm so determined, however, that I didn't give up and asked for further explanations. We then started to talk, and we came in conflict at some point in time too, but I carefully explained my point of view, because I firmly believed in the idea I was proposing. So that proved successful. Once my project was green-lighted, the most challenging part began, else said how to make it. This experience confirms that the key is perseverance.

Q - Where do you find the inspiration for your creations? There are those who see it while traveling, others draw their inspiration from the items that surround us, what is your source instead?

A - I look for sources of inspiration, everywhere: my childhood, the birth of my children, any emotional moment. First of all, I create products that I would like to have and use first. We have recently opened our head office in London, and I would instead call it my "mood room" since one of the walls is entirely covered with personal and professional images.

Carolina-Bucci-royal-oak-frosted-gold-1My world is a mixture of private and professional life. Additionally, this mixture is my source of energy. There is no magic formula at all, it is just me, and my natural creative process.

Q - After having designed two collections for her, don't you think it's time for you to get your hands on a men's collection?

A - We'll see (she smiles). I usually design items for her, the only accessory I ever created for men is a pair of cufflinks I made for my husband. I'm so proud, concerning the Royal Oak collection, that my collections attracted men too, especially with the 2016 release.

audemars-piguet-royal-oak-frosted-goldIt is no coincidence we came with a 41mm version that has been quite successful. With the latest version, we have once again seduced men. I began my career as a designer for her, but no wonder I might create a collection aimed solely at men. Let's see what the future holds. Never say never.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Audemars Piguet)

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