The BREMONT Lightweight E-Type

The BREMONT Lightweight E-Type

12 August 2014 | Bremont , Watch Reviews


The BREMONT Lightweight E-Type

We were somehow prophetic, only a week ago, when we wrote about the link that exists between cars and watches (right HERE) and about BREMONT and here is this brand that has astonished us all, including yours truly, by suddenly unveiling  the BREMONT Lightweight E-Type. The E-Type is an icon in JAGUAR history making and beyond, and represents a brand that has partnered already with BREMONT some time ago when the British based watchmaker has made two mechanical timepieces custom made for two prototypes that have celebrated the 75th anniversary of the British famed car maker.

JAGUAR_Lightweight E-Type collage 2

If those were, in my opinion, celebrating the future of car and watch manufacturing, the BREMONT Lightweight E-Type is honoring the history of a legendary car. In 1963 JAGUAR launched a project called “Special GT E-Type” whose aim was to build 18 superlight racing cars featuring an aluminum chassis.

JAGUAR_Lightweight E-Type ten

Just 12 vehicles, out of 18, were then completed. Now JAGUAR, through its Heritage Division, has decided to revamp that project, get the old drafts out of the drawers and complete the production run by finishing the missing 6 cars, that are going to be built, moreover, while complying with the FIA regulations for classic car racing. Ian Callum, Director of Design at JAGUAR and Nick English, co-founder with his brother Giles, of BREMONT, decided to create something truly unique that could celebrate this event and pair each of the 6 cars remaining.

By wrapping a BREMONT Lightweight E-Type around your wrist you're about to wear a bit of a 1,25 Million € car, soon after you have secured it in your private garage. Its dial resembles the car's rev counter where the high rev red zone, the historical JAGUAR logo along with the frame reference number are printed. The case, 43mm wide, is in white gold and in the middle they set a ring made out of the same aluminum used to craft the car's chassis.

BREMONT Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Limited Edition 2

Engraved on the case is  the serial number of the pairing E-Type's engine, an inline 6 cylinder 3,8 liter with an aluminum block (“Simplify, then add lightness” was the driving motto at the time, in the words of Sir Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars) producing 340 BHP. A mix of advanced technical features that let this car weigh an astonishing 114kg less than the stock car.

JAGUAR_Lightweight E-Type fourteen

The case back is even more appealing than the dial's side as the rotor used on the in-house made BWC/01 caliber, that has debuted on the Wright Flyer (HERE is our related post), is the steering wheel's hard copy, included the wood and, icing on the cake, the over sized winding crown is engraved with the pattern of the period-correct Dunlop racing tyres. The JAGUAR Lightweight E-Type will be officially unveiled at this summer Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, along with the BREMONT Lightweight E-Type. My guess is that it seems BREMONT will be producing it in future editions. Further details by visiting

(Photo credit: courtesy of BREMONT Watches)

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