The BREMONT Wright Flyer

The BREMONT Wright Flyer

26 July 2014 | Bremont , Aviator Watches


The BREMONT Wright Flyer

If you think you just need a co-branding agreement, a squadron of pilots and a video-shooting to make a true pilot's watch just keep reading this article and you might easily change your mind since BREMONT has made something truly out of the ordinary and authentic. The BREMONT Wright Flyer, unveiled last July 23rd, may just be regarded as the quintessential pilot's watch.

BREMONT Wright Flyer

As the name implies, BREMONT and the Wright family, heirs to Wilbur and Orville Wright, the two unforgettable pioneers of modern flight, have set up a bridge between the Atlantic Ocean banks that will result in the making of just 450 time pieces, which symbolize a piece of American aviation and beyond, while representing a step forward in relaunching the longstanding English tradition of fine watchmaking.


The BREMONT Wright Flyer is the latest chapter in making watches that have become, since 2002 when BREMONT was founded, standard equipment to the most prestigious military corps and is their first timepiece to ever adopt an in-house movement and...a small part of the Wright Flyer, such as the muslin the two brothers used to cover the aircraft itself. A muslin so important, even Armstrong himself had a piece of it in his pocket during the 1969 moon landing expedition.

BREMONT Wright Flyer due

A tiny piece of that cover has been placed inside the bi-directional winding rotor of each caliber BW/01, mechanical automatic, that features a Glucydur balance wheel, a Nivaflex 1 mainspring, 50 hours of power reserve and is assembled in BREMONT's workshops at Henley-on-Thames. Authenticity means that part of the proceedings from the timepieces' sale will be provided to restore the Wright's historical mansion in Dayton, Ohio.

BREMONT Wright Flyer tre

The BREMONT Wright Flyer is a three hand timepiece with a 43mm wide and 14mm thick case, a small second counter at 9 and a white or black dial with Arabic numerals ocher painted vintage like. The movement and its original rotor are clearly visible through the exhibition case back which is secured to the case via four tiny screws. It will be made in just three versions: 100 pieces in stainless steel, 100 in rose gold and 100 in white gold, we eagerly look forward to see them for a hands on review. Meanwhile, you can get additional info by visiting

(Photo credit: courtesy of BREMONT)

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