The URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk

The URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk

06 February 2014 | Urwerk , Luxury Watches , Futuristic Watches

30' (off) the wrist: URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk

URWERK's story is somehow incredible and quite similar to that of an american dream: two personalities meet, share their passion for high-end watchmaking and create a maison. In a land where fine micro-mechanics was born, such stories are not that unusual, for in Switzerland people are fed with high-end watchmaking since their early childhood and this culture, which is close to a form of art, dominates over any other sort of industrial discipline.

MartinF_FelixB for Horbiter

Martin Frei e Felix Baumgartner are the people behind a brand which, founded in 1995, has in a few years touched watch enthusiasts' hearts very much, by creating something truly unique, whose values are all condensed in their “mission statement”: the future of watchmaking. They did not rework anything that exists already, but created from scratch an astounding new vision of high end watchmaking; machines which tell the time in a different way. Other luxury watch brands have tried to follow up, but their outcome has been sometimes weird or an hardcopy of the original:

Their latest creation, the URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk is part of the UR-210Y range, a line-up which is URWERK's design flagship. A wristmachine showcasing retrograde minutes indication and a unique satellite based hour visualization, with a power reserve indicator at one o'clock and efficiency indicator at 11. A device which tests your winding efficiency. Is the indicator pointing to the red? Turn your URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk on the back and move the selector to “FULL” position: even your smallest wrist movement will be converted to power reserve. If you, viceversa, are practicing an intense sport activity, turn the selector to “REDUCED”:

UR-210_5_puzzle_for Horbiter

If you want to get rid of any efficiency selection, select “STOP” and use your URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk until it runs off all the power reserve and then wind it manually. The URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk's body isn't less exclusive than its brain as it is made of titanium and AlTiN (Aluminum and Titanium Nitride), a coating which enhances acids, scratch and high temperature resistance. The URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk is definitely “the future of fine watchmaking”!

(Photo credit: courtesy of URWERK)

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  1. user Rob Wentz scrive:

    Hello, I very much like the URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk. Have you considered making it available to the US Market? If so, what is the cost? I'd also like to know if this watch can be made in a Limited Edition for Special Operations? I look forward to your reply. All the best, Rob Wentz

    • Horbiter - Watches & Luxury Horbiter - Watches & Luxury scrive:

      Dear Rob thank you for your comment. We do not sell any timepiece but just review them as a magazine. For any inquiry about this or other URWERK timepieces please contact them directly via their official website: Best Regards Raffaella

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