The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT

The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT

22 May 2014 | Grand Seiko , 30 minutes on the wrist , Collecting Watches , Baselworld 2014

Japan's Finest!

The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT

I often find myself talking about watches with my friends, my colleagues or with people I've just met at a business dinner or during my leisure time. It is that kind of conversation that suddenly starts between two watch enthusiasts soon after they have admired each others timepiece. As time goes by, however, the subject of this kind of conversation quietly changes, as you move away from talking about commercial brands and tend to be more and more refined and, as following what happens with man's fashion for instance, look for something different, let's say boutique like.

Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT evi 3

I think watches do follow this rule too: our desire to be part of a cultural elite grows with us time and time again. Regarding watches, SEIKO is a longstanding manufacturer which proudly, since its foundation, has designed, assembled and fine tuned all its timepieces without ever having outsourced any movement. Be it a mechanical or a quartz one; and that is widely known around the world. I'm quite sure that in Italy very few people, unless we're talking about watch connoisseurs, do know what the brand Grand Seiko is all about. This name refers not just to a model, or else a special collection, but rather an independent brand which stands for SEIKO 's high end watchmaking. A brand which has not been unveiled at Baselworld 2014 but dates back to 1960 when SEIKO decided to make the best luxury watch in the world. Far better than any competitor's in terms of fit and finish and precision rating among all mechanical and quartz timepieces.

Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT undici

Since its inception, indeed, Grand Seiko aimed, for example, to exceed the requirements set by the Swiss COSC hallmark. Grand Seiko is so renowned since its launching in 1960, especially in Japan and the US, that today's collection evokes some models made in the sixties and seventies, while adopting the best and most advanced calibers available today. And, since we're talking about fine mechanics and icons, one of Grand Seiko 's prides is the caliber Hi-Beat 36000 , the very best among Japanese (and not) mechanical movements, which represents SEIKO 's high frequency movement.

Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT cinque

This year, at Baselworld 2014 , Grand Seiko has debuted a true novelty: it is the very first time its Hi-Beat 36000 caliber boasts a GMT function ever (a complication the brand has adopted just on its “hybrid” Spring Drive models so far). At the same time SEIKO is widening Grand Seiko 's products availability throughout Europe. It means we will soon be lucky enough to see more Grand Seiko on display in the Italian boutiques. Not many, anyway, since Grand Seiko 's production is very limited: each Grand Seiko is assembled, decorated and hand-regulated by a small and selected group of expert watchmakers, in a separate division at SEIKO . It is not by accident it catches your eyes at first sight thanks to its superior case finishing: classic design is not synonymous to less refinement but, rather, the other way round.

Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT sette Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT nove Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT otto Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT sei

Perfectly sharp edges separate satin and mirror finished surfaces and the case mirror finish is way perfect: SEIKO has patented a mirror finishing process which avoids any kind of distortion. The three new Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT watches, unveiled at Baselworld 2014, share all these features; which also include the applied, diamond cut indexes, placed on the dial. Of these three models just released, one, identifiied by the code SBGJ005 , is being made in just 600 pieces and is celebrating the launch of the new in-house GMT movement. The pattern you see on the dial is not casual but, as it is always with the japanese tradition, draws inspiration from nature and from mount Iwate, which is clearly visible through the windows at the Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio, the place where all the mechanical Grand Seiko are designed and assembled.

Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT due

The transparent back offers a full view of the winding rotor, made in titanium, where a lion, which is Grand Seiko 's hallmark, stands prominent. The external surface is anodized treated titanium, a process which gives it that gold tone you may see in its pictures. Let's talk about the new movement now: coded internally as 9S86 , it is a mechanical automatic movement which ensures +5/-3 seconds gain or loss per day and a power reserve of 55 hours , encased in a 40mm wide stainless steel case which is usually regarded to as the perfect dimension for a wristwatch and that, matched to a 14mm thickness and the slightly curved design of the lugs, works well on any man's wrist.

Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT evi 3 Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT evi 2 Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT quattro Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT tre

Why should an enthusiast buy a Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT ? Just to be original? I do not think so, otherwise he would probably sell it over a very short time. He who is about to buy a Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT , or any other Grand Seiko for that matter, is in search of excellence, exclusivity and a 100% manufactured high-end timepiece. The retail price of EURO 7,050 is a bargain when compared to other brands' offering. Would I change anything? Yes i would and it is not about the product itself even if I would provide customers with a leather strap too, but it is mostly a matter of branding, as the option could, in my opinion, confuse customers: i would definitely go just for the Grand Seiko logo as to reaffirm this is the high end brand of SEIKO.

For further information please visit the official Grand Seiko website.

Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT tre Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT sette Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT nove Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT otto Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT sei Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT evi Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT evi 3 Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT evi 2 Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT due Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT cinque Grand Seiko Hi Beat 36000 GMT dieci

(Photo credit: Horbiter's proprietary photo shooting)

Gaetano C. @Horbiter - Watches & Luxury

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  1. user Vincenzo Verdolino scrive:

    Buongiorno Gaetano ! Mi ha fatto molto piacere che mi hai scritto, per adesso mi sono accontentato di acquistare un SeikoSNX123K1 a breve mi recherò a Milano da Grimoldi per visionare e toccare con mano il Seiko di cui abbiamo parlato ma sulle foto del tuo sito molto chiare mi viene spontaneo fare una critica alla Seiko confrontandolo con quello che ho acquistato mi sembra un pò eccessivo il costo di 7050 euro scusami ma vorrei il tuo parere . Ti saluto Vincenzo

    • Horbiter scrive:

      Ciao Vincenzo, è un piacere! Complimenti per l'acquisto ma attenzione a non confrontare il tuo ottimo SeikoSNX123K1 con Grand Seiko. GS rappresenta l'alto di gamma di Seiko e, seppur simile nello stile al tuo, è sostanzialmente diverso per fattura e finitura. E' assemblato a mano, ha un calibro che fa impallidire molti calibri europei (è un 5Hz come El Primero), è incredibilmente lucido (la lucidatura è molto particolare, si chiama zaratsu polishing). Ne fanno pochi in uno "studio" dedicato di Seiko. Se ti piace il dettaglio, lo spigolo perfettamente realizzato, gli indici applicati e con gli spigoli più vivi che tu possa trovare (sono tagliati al diamante...) li vale tutti, credimi. Prova a vederlo da vicino, con una lente magnificatrice e la giusta luce e poi dimmi cosa ne pensi. Ciao Gaetano

  2. user Vincenzo Verdolino scrive:

    Buongiorno ! Per cortesia dove posso acquistare il Seiko in oggetto a Torino . Grazie Vincenzo

    • horbiter scrive:

      Ciao Vincenzo ti consiglio di chiamare il numero verde SEIKO CENTER 800 96 00 30 perché Grand Seiko è sicuramente venduto a Milano, ma non saprei dirti chi a Torino lo venda. Ti sapranno dare sicuramente le informazioni di cui ha bisogno. Un saluto Gaetano

  3. user dino scrive:

    salve vorrei sapere il costo e se e possibile acquistarlo con pagamento alla consegna? e se ha garanzia italia ? grazie

    • Horbiter - Watches & Luxury Horbiter - Watches & Luxury scrive:

      Buongiorno Dino in qualità di magazine specializzato abbiamo fatto una review del Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT, non siamo dei rivenditori. Il prezzo è di 7050€, per la disponibilità le suggerisco di fare riferimento al sito dove troverà il rivenditore più vicino alla sua zona. Questo il link: Saluti Gaetano

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