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Apple Watch

09 September 2014 | Apple Watch


It's a thought revolution, just like every other product coming from Cupertino and breaks wide open on the scene with such strength that will not only overwhelm the general idea that we have of watchmaking, at least that of digital watches. Just like every product produced by Apple, it represents a new message of communication.

Apple Watch Collage

The new Apple Watch, just now introduced by the CEO Tim Cook, together with an exceptional line-up of products (the new iPhone 6), is a lot more than a simple answer who those, like Samsung, had already pre-launched their new iWatch. It's hyper-accurate, a fitness instrument, that automatically adjusts to the local time of the city where you're just landed, it's infinitely customizable thanks to optional screens. It is sporty or classic available with the Milanese mesh, or in gold, in three versions: classic, sport and gold. It is obvious the project fingerprint of the two top managers, one arriving from Yves Saint-Laurent, the other from Burberry, strongly sought by Cook.

Apple Watch 2

The Digital Crown, on right of the case, is not used to set the watch but just like the iDrive by BMW, lends itself to manage the various available screenshots to then return to the home by a simple finger pressure. The Apple Watch also introduces an innovative payment method: Apple Pay. You can easily pay (for the time being only at selected American partners) without having the need to use your credit card. Will it have the same results received by the introduction of quartz watchmaking? I don't believe so and probably no other aficionado! Will it work? I believe so just as I believe that all the brands that will find themselves in the same price level and offer, starting at $349 in the US, they should be more concerned with introducing something superior simply because this product exceeds the sum of all the combined features of the competitors. For further information nd awaiting a live review, please visit

(Photo credit: courtesy of Apple)

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