Porsche Design P'6510 Black Chronograph

Porsche Design P'6510 Black Chronograph

Meeting Tommaso Spinzi, and discovering his white Porsche 911 SC along with a matching Porsche Design timepiece.

30 December 2019 | Porsche Design , Watch Reviews

Although Porsche AG and Porsche Design have a close relationship and represent two complementary experiences of the history written by Ferdinand A.Porsche, we are willing this time around to celebrate an Italian designer: Tommaso Spinzi. Tommaso is a Porsche car die-hard fan and, since we have met, he has a soft spot for the timepieces conceived by the Group's total look luxury brand too, whose current product portfolio is unparalleled in terms of technology and style among its peers.

porsche-design-P6510-black-chronograph-5Tommaso lives between Italy, Switzerland, Australia, and New York, his top destinations, and a source of endless inspiration. Stepping into his studio, in Milan, is a journey across contemporary design objects and vintage pieces, which inspired and keep inspiring most of his current collections.

tommaso-spinzi-designerEntering its white-colored space is like traveling through time, when Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas used to drive across the streets of South Beach, Miami, onboard their white Italian sports car. Prototypes, sketches, drawings of made-to-order pieces he has conceived are scattered on a desk, ready to be delivered to their owners, anytime soon. Pieces that, as you may understand, we were not allowed to take on camera.

porsche-design-P6510-black-chronograph-4Tommaso loves cars and motorbikes and hosts a pretty unique piece amidst his studio, a color-matching Porsche 911. It is a common practice both overseas and in the Far East, among collectors, and no other than a 911, with its arch-shaped silhouette, could have been his dream car: the 911 is and always will be the most recognizable and enduring sports car in the automotive history.

porsche-design-P6510-black-chronograph-1Tommaso's car is a white Porsche 911 SC (Super Carrera), parked in a dedicated area inside the studio. This scenario reminds me of a popular video filmed by renowned American magazine Petrolicious a few years ago, where the journalist interviews an American collector whose 512BB is parked inside the living room.

porsche-design-P6510-black-chronograph-3About the Porsche 911 SC: it represents the old-school full analog 911, far from being as aseptic and perfect as a 991 or 992, so big and high performing yet they have nothing in common with the original one, any longer. Equipped with a 204 HP 3,0l boxer engine, the latest 911 SC is a car for master drivers and sideways driving addicts, admired by most Porsche collectors.

porsche-design-P6510-black-chronograph-7However, something was missing and no other than a timepiece, whose original model was designed by Mr. Porsche himself. The Porsche Design P'6510 Black Chronograph is a re-issue of the first chronograph ever created, the year was 1972, by Ferdinand Porsche. It proves Ferry's passion for wristwatches that, according to some, was second to none.

porsche-design-P6510-black-chronograph-2The Porsche 911 SC appeared just six years after the 1972 chronograph had initially been introduced. Featuring a case size increased by 6mm (44mm, across), the case once lacquered is now PVD treated; inside beats a Valjoux 7750 mechanical movement, with the addition of the day and date indications.

porsche-design-P6510-black-chronograph-6Also, the semi-integrated steel bracelet has inspired most military chronographs introduced during the early eighties. It looks bizarre, but the Porsche Design P'6510 Black Chronograph has been built in just 911 pieces. As a new friend of Horbiter®, an incredibly creative guy, and a productive designer, I hope we can spend some additional time with Tommaso Spinzi while he's driving his 911 SC across Milan or, preferably, along the hairpins of a mountain pass, with a Porsche Design P'6510 Black Chronograph wrapped around his wrist, once again.

(Photo credit: sajinpark)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

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