The Omega Speedmaster Professional Tokyo 2020 Limited Edition

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Tokyo 2020 Limited Edition

23 July 2018 | Omega

I can't speak Japanese, but I'm expert enough about Omega watches to affirm that this Speedmaster Moonwatch Limited Edition, created to celebrate the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, is the first case ever where the brand created an entire collection that is dedicated exclusively to a single market. The five new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch watches you can see on here will be sold solely in the Land of the Rising Sun. First things first: Darren, aka Vintage Speedmaster on Instagram, was the first to note this limited series watches that follow the recent launch of the Speedy Tuesday Ultraman and, perhaps, were already present on the Japanese version of the Omega website.


The buzz generated by Darren's post was such that all the Speedmaster Moonwatch die-hard fans got soon crazy , given some details that some of these new limited editions feature since they mimic some of the most prestigious and highly sought-after Omega Limited Edition Moonwatch. In particular, three of them resemble the Omega Speedmaster Professional Gemini 4 40th Anniversary, the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Mitsukoshi Dial and the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 15 Limited edition 35th Anniversary respectively. The other two ones replicate the colors (bezel and dial) that Omega introduced two years ago when it launched the Speedmaster Moonwatch Moon phase (green bezel or red bezel coupled with steel-gold and platinum respectively).

omega-speedmaster-moonwatch-tokyo-2020-olympic-games-collection-2What seems clear from the pictures released on is that each of these editions will be made in just 2020 specimen and that Omega has also launched a box containing all the five timepieces (only 55 boxes will be ever made). The caliber hosted inside the 42mm case is familiar and is the well known 1861 caliber. More information is available on, and additional ones will come as soon as we get more updates from the translation to Italian that is underway. Stay tuned!

Let's scrutinize some of these references.

The Omega Speedmaster 522. in Steel with a Blue dial

The arrangement of the registers draws inspiration from the Speedmaster Moonwatch Gemini 4 40th Anniversary, whose market price is close to the 10,000 euros threshold.

omega-speedmaster-professional-tokyo-522-30-42-30-03-001It is no coincidence that Omega adopted a much-desired design to increase these new models' appeal. The cost of this reference is 6000 Euros, approximately at today's currency exchange rate.

The Omega Speedmaster 522. in Steel and Gold/Black

Again, Omega drew inspiration from another highly sought-after piece when making this new timepiece, despite being less coveted than its full-steel siblings. I think the Omega reference 3366.51.00 is among the most distinctive Moonwatch ever.

omega-speedmaster-professional-tokyo-522-20-42-30-01-001It is adopting that same feel but, in contrast, sports a red Speedmaster logo and central chronograph hand. The price is around 8000 Euros at the current exchange rate, and the original limited-edition model's market price is close to 8000 Euros as well.

The Omega Speedmaster 522. - Steel and White

The Omega Speedmaster 522. is inspired by the Omega Apollo 11 Speedmaster 35th Anniversary. It looks like the closest ever to the timepiece it takes inspiration from.

omega-speedmaster-professional-tokyo-522-30-42-30-04-001The original watch was introduced in 2004 to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Apollo mission and is not a bargain; please consider you won't make a ref. 3569.31.00 yours without spending at least ten thousand euros.

Price List

The collection includes three models in steel and two in steel and gold. They are listed below:

  • Omega Speedmaster 522. - Steel, Blue: ¥ 680,400

  • Omega Speedmaster 522. – Steel, White: ¥ 680,400

  • Omega Speedmaster  522. – Steel, Red: ¥ 680,400

  • Omega Speedmaster 522. – Steel, Yellow Gold, Black: ¥ 842,400

  • Omega Speedmaster 522. – Steel, Sedna™ Gold, Green: ¥ 842,400

The above listed prices are close to 6000 Euros ed 8000 Euros, respectively.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Omega Watches)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

Instagram - Gaetano Cimmino

Product Specs Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Collection

Case: Acciaio o Acciaio e Oro, diametro 42 mm

Dial: in varie opzioni a due toni o ad un tono, con o senza anelli dei registri in oro giallo o Sedna™

Movement: Calibro 1861, a carica manuale e con 40 ore di autonomia, a piena carica.

Bracelet: Steel

Availability: Edizione Limitata 2020 esemplari per variante

Reference: 522., 522., 522., 522., 522.

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