Omega Seamaster 300 Commander's Watch Limited Edition

Omega Seamaster 300 Commander's Watch Limited Edition

09 July 2017 | Omega , Watch Reviews

It is quite rare that three different anniversaries can be celebrated on the same date, but Omega managed to do so in 2017 due to its partnership with Albert Broccoli and the 007 brand, because Omega has been dressing the most famous secret agent in the world since 1995, and since the launch of the “Golden Eye” movie, in which Pierce Brosnan wore an Omega Seamaster 300.

OMEGA-Seamaster-Diver-300M-Commanders-Watch-Limited-Edition-eventThis year, 50 years have passed by since the film "You only live twice", the 40th anniversary of the movie "The Spy That Loved Me" and the 20th anniversary of the film "Tomorrow never dies". This is a triple anniversary that not only celebrates an eternal saga but that actually celebrates three secret agents who have played James Bond; Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan, respectively.

Michael.G-Wilson-Samantha-Bond-Raynald-AeschlimannThe Omega Seamaster is officially his Majesty’s secret agent's watch and it also the timepiece that, historically speaking, has been wrapped around the wrist of the military people working for the British Navy since the late 1960s. If the Omega Planet Ocean made its debut with Daniel Craig -  the most muscular James Bond in history – we should not forget that the Omega Seamaster 300 is the Swiss brand’s diver’s watch par excellence and it is, historically speaking, the timepiece that best suits James Bond’s style.

OMEGA-Seamaster-Diver-300M-Commanders-Watch-Limited-Edition-2The Omega Seamaster 300 Commander's Watch Limited Edition is the version released in 7007 pieces only (maybe a few pieces to many to describe it as a “limited edition” item) that celebrates this anniversary; an event that was duly marked on July 5th with a special party held on the banks of the River Thames. The Omega Seamaster 300 Commander's Watch Limited Edition celebrates the successes and achievements of the British secret agent and it is the perfect occasion to launch a Seamaster that differs from all those that are part of the collection already and to introduce some new technical novelties that we will probably see across the range very soon.

OMEGA-Seamaster-Diver-300M-Commanders-Watch-Limited-Edition-3The Omega Seamaster 300 is a very original and extremely transverse diver’s watch if compared to other Omega diver’s timepieces: it is exceptionally wearable, and it is no coincidence that Pierce Brosnan used to wear it under his suit, it is rather classic too; two features that make it one of the most beloved Omega watches, together with the Speedmaster. Its scalloped bezel, whether you dive professionally or not, is a strong recognition element. The Omega Seamaster 300 Commander's Watch Limited Edition white dial resembles that of the Omega Seamaster 300 Vancouver Limited Edition, but, for the very first time, it is made of white ceramic; that is the reason why it turns particularly shiny when you take a low exposure photo of it. The matching between the dial and the white indices with their blue edge is quite neat, clean and particularly elegant.

Michael.G-Wilson-Samantha-Bond-Raynald-Aeschlimann-with-watchThe bezel is in Liquidmetal and it features an engraved 15-minute-scale coated with a thin layer of rubber mixed with Liquidmetal; a patent that Omega introduced last year on its new range of Planet Ocean timepieces. The colors used are those of the Royal Navy, which are also available on a beautiful and comfortable NATO strap with a pin buckle and an engraved Omega logo that replaces the Seamaster steel bracelet. The latter is the classic five-mesh-bracelet that reminds us of a Engineering bracelet (but it's far more refined) with interchanging shiny and polished surfaces. New features on the case-back and on the outer part too: the clasp of the case-back now features the same Naiad lock introduced on the Planet Ocean that, curiously enough, perfectly blends in with the scalloped rim of the bezel.

OMEGA-Seamaster-Diver-300M-Commanders-Watch-Limited-Edition-4The Omega Seamaster 300 Commander's Watch Limited Edition's 2507 calibre sports an automatic winding rotor that resembles the banner’s stripes of the Commander, it also features a 9mm-diameter-pattern in the middle that resembles the head of a bullet. The Omega Seamaster 300 Commander's Watch Limited Edition retails at 4,600 euro and it comes with a special box that contains the NATO strap and the steel bracelet, it also contains a small tool used to replace the bracelet and a brooch with the Royal Navy colors. You cannot miss it if you are a collector of everything that is James Bond and if you own many of those limited editions that are among the Omega watches with the highest collection rate, whose peak is represented by the golden version of this timepiece released in 7 specimens only.

(Photo-credit: courtesy of Omega Watches, Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

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