Four questions to Julien Tornare and Luca Rubinacci

Four questions to Julien Tornare and Luca Rubinacci

14 May 2020 | Zenith , Passion for Watches

During a recent Instagram live session organized by Zenith watches, attending the brand's CEO Julien Tornare, and Luca Rubinacci, we shared some ideas regarding the brand, the watch industry, and more. Also, the close relationship between watchmaking and fabrics is a topic we have recently discussed, as you can see by taking a look at the project carried out with our friend, Fabio Attanasio, via four videos available on our YouTube channel.

Four questions to Julien Tornare and Luca Rubinacci

The Swiss brand keeps offering technologically advanced timepieces and others that are familiar with a small workshop rather than an industrial producer: take a look, for example, at the successful partnership established by Zenith and George Bamford.

Four questions to Julien Tornare and Luca Rubinacci

During this session, we asked a couple of questions each and, in one case, we understood that one of the projects we submitted during the broadcast seems to be in the works already.

For example, we asked Luca Rubinacci, as an expert in tailoring and total luxury look, three features any chronograph cannot miss. It is one of the types of watches he prefers, at least by taking a look at those he wears in some posts on Instagram.

Luca is a real watch enthusiast, and he was wearing a classic Chronomaster El Primero. His ranking factors, when choosing a new chronograph, are size and proportions, along with superior comfort. Build quality is a must-have, along with a style you can easily pair with a made to measure suit.

We also asked him if he would like to design a "Zenith El Primero by Rubinacci," developing a partnership project on the likes of those the brand has created with George Bamford.

Interestingly, this topic was introduced by Julien Tornare himself before we even asked our question. Since he was appointed as CEO, he equally fostered the pioneering spirit of Zenith, as well as a boutique brand approach, as that's the case with the partnerships he has set up with brands belonging to other industries.

Four questions to Julien Tornare and Luca Rubinacci

Let me highlight the exquisite A384 Revival Lupine The Third Edition or the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Ton-Up Black, and, why not, a timepiece crafted in collaboration with Rubinacci, who might design specific strap and dial for a Limited Edition Chronomaster El Primero. Right below are, instead, those questions we submitted to Julien Tornare.

Dear Mr. Tornare, the current lockdown is radically changing communication perspectives, how enthusiasts connect with watch brands, and viceversa. Which are the main business take-outs of this scenario, in your opinion?

This lockdown has indeed challenged the way we communicate and get in touch with our friends and network. We are active on social media, especially on Instagram through the Zenith On Air initiative we have set up. It is an excellent way to keep in touch with the press, clients, and Friends of the Brand. We have developed the Zenith Quizzes concept that appears on our Instagram stories, where one can check his or her knowledge of the Zenith brand. We also keep in touch with our network on Instagram through videos with watchmakers, to give our friends and followers tips on how to maintain his/her Zenith watch in the most appropriate way.

Four questions to Julien Tornare and Luca Rubinacci

In this lockdown, we have learned that we must be flexible and adapt to the situation we are living as quickly as possible because the potential to make things happen is in our hands. It is essential to try and be creative and seize opportunities when they are presented to you. It is what we are trying to do with these initiatives on social media. Business-wise we are slowly reopening the production facility and offices, one day a week for some members in the office, taking the correct precautions and measures to support markets whose business is slowly going back to normality, such as China.

From a product plan standpoint, Zenith is no doubt a breakthrough watchmaker in the industry. As watch geeks, we'd love to see a Zenith Diver joining the current offering. Are you planning to "mind this gap" anytime soon?

It is something we are thinking of, perhaps in the next few years. Stay tuned.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Zenith Watches)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

Instagram - Gaetano Cimmino

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