The Bulgari Octo Steel

The Bulgari Octo Steel

19 February 2014 | Bulgari , Watch Reviews

Design: why the Bulgari Octo Steel is different

If you take a closer look at the Bulgari Octo Steel as you would take a closer look at any other luxury timepiece, you could easily be deceived. But this is not to underline some features in favor of other timepieces, because when you choose a luxury watch so many factors come into play, and what might drive your choice could be, in this case and in my opinion, something completely different.

Bulgari Octo for Horbiter 11

The Bulgari Octo Steel is a designer item; a style statement declared by a monolithic steel bracelet, worked inside out by a CNC machinery the shape of an octagon, together with an endless series of surfaces and details that are so hard to get in a picture without going hands on.

This timepiece follows the original Gerald Genta’s Octo’s series styling standards, but simplified. It represents, probably, the very first Bulgari timepiece designed expressly for men, and for those who long for a wristwatch with a strong personality which stands out in the crowd of steel luxury watchmaking. The Bulgari Octo Steel’s main pillar is, as previously mentioned, its bracelet. And it is where the longstanding Bulgari experience in making jewelry is displayed; a thick series of links, satin and mirror finished, is the model’s trademark (its links distinguish it from the other version with a leather bracelet). The “band” effect is enhanced by the almost negligible gap between one link and the other: a feature which makes this timepiece really unique.

Bulgari Octo for Horbiter 7

Take a look at the folding buckle: it is fully hidden from view when worn. When you wear it, you realize it is not a pure dress watch, nor a 100% sporty one, because it is suitable for any occasion:

The Bulgari Octo Steel reminds me, with its regular geometric shape, of the Bauhaus design style; with its bracelet inspired by features taken from Lamborghini’s design (observe a Miura’s grill or the latest Huracan grill at the top), and with the addition of a neoclassical touch which is part of the maison’s heritage. Going back to the details, there’s one that especially deserves your attention and states the impressive design work done so far: the octagon is…everywhere, even where you would never have expected it to be, as is the mirror finished indexes’ shape applied on the black lacquered dial.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Bulgari; Horbiter's proprietary photo shooting)

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