The TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES - 30 minutes on the wrist

The TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES - 30 minutes on the wrist

11 January 2015 | Terra Cielo Mare , Watch Reviews

30 minutes on the wrist

The TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES

A little while ago, while answering a reader's comment, I anticipated that we would soon have the chance to get our hands on one of the 88 pieces of the TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES, one of the new timepieces launched by Terra Cielo Mare, a young but well known Italian brand, created in 2000, revamped in 2012 under a new ownership, after having suddenly disappeared from the market for a few years.

TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES Live

TCM proves that Italy is about to go back to being a protagonist in high-end watchmaking, with high quality and original products. Two are the strong points, in my opinion, of the TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES: it is a very nicely done product, and the person who designed it has really thought it through, creating a very original timepiece, taking care of details that we usually find on high end hand-made luxury Italian accessories.

TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES Live 6

I won’t hide the fact that, from the first press clippings, the Tazzoli reminded me of a Panerai and, most probably, Panerai has indeed been a source of inspiration for this timepiece but, after having seen it live a couple of days ago, I do think the Tazzoli to be absolutely original. Especially nice is its sandwich dial with an anchor-like index at 12, its oceanic blue dial (whose tone varies with the light) inserted into a case made from marine bronze treated with Protox, or silicium protoxide, that protects the case against its natural oxidation process.

TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES Live 7

On the right side of the case there is a piston in the shape of a release torpedo, which supports a cover with the TCM logo engraved on it. This cover protects the actual winding crown, placed at 2, whose only small flaw, at least on this prototype, is that it is not very easy to extract and to operate.

TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES Live 5

On the case back, made in grade 5 titanium, which is secured to the case via 6 tiny screws, there is a reproduction of the submarine Tazzoli, symbol of the Marina Militare Italiana during the Second World War, as well as a window in the shape of a circular sector featuring an inclinometer that, along with the 24 hours scale on the dial, eases navigation in immersion, helping to understand the submarine's inclination during navigation, and to distinguish between day and night.

TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES Live 4

One of the biggest surprises of this watch/timepiece is that it’s easy to wear, and I'm not just talking about its design or how easy it is to coordinate it, but about the fact that TCM has opted for a rolled leather strap that is extremely comfortable, and I think it is actually the first brand to do this. It is one of those rare cases where you will not need to look for a replacement strap.

TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES Live 3

Credit also goes to the case size which, at 44mm in width, but light and above all thin, makes it an everyday watch: the result is guaranteed by the small size of the ETA2824-2, one of the most widely used calibers in watchmaking, as it is very reliable and easy to repair; it is not my favorite though, I personally would have gone for an ETA Unitas hand-wound caliber, even if it had meant an increase in general size and weight.

TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES Live 2

The TCM Tazzoli Marinis AES is a cool watch, a true novelty in a world of insignificance, for it boasts an original design without being extreme or vulgar. It retails at 3350€, which is not cheap, but we're however talking about a limited production; if the design of a watch is somehow subjective, the exclusive production and the choice of original solutions place it into a niche. I hope TCM is also working on the design of a manufacture movement. Let me ask you a question: how many timepieces of such finishes and features, produced in no more than 88 pieces, will you find at this price?

(Photo credit: Horbiter's proprietary photo-shooting)

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