Did You Know - The most complicated mechanical watch ever made is the Vacheron Constantin 57260

Did You Know - The most complicated mechanical watch ever made is the Vacheron Constantin 57260

57 Complications and 8 Years of development were needed to create the most complicated mechanical watch ever

02 October 2018 | Vacheron Constantin , Did You Know

Do you know which is the most complicated watch in the world? It is a Vacheron Constantin watch and, in particular, it is the Vacheron Constantin 57260. This five-digit reference was not chosen at random but in its five-digit figure are hidden two relevant pieces of information: the first two digit indicate the number of complications included in its white gold case, whereas 260 are the years of uninterrupted activity celebrated by Vacheron Constantin in 2015 (the Geneva based manufactory was founded in 1755 in Geneva). The complications present inside the 98mm wide and 50,55mm thick Vacheron Constantin 57260 are, sorted by family, the following:

  • 6 time measurement functions
  • 7 perpetual calendar functions
  • 8 Hebrew calendar functions
  • 9 astronomical calendar functions
  • 1 lunar calendar function
  • 1 religious calendar function
  • 4 - 3 column wheel chronograph functions
  • 7 alarm functions
  • 8 Westminster carillon striking functions
  • 6 other functions (Movement power reserve indicator, Power-reserve indication for the striking train,  Winding crown position indicator, Dual barrel winding system, Time setting mechanism in two positions and two directions, Secret mechanism (opening of the button for alarm arbor))

as it is carefully explained in a section of the Vacheron Constantin's website entirely dedicated to reference 57260. The Vacheron Constantin 57260 has 2800 parts that are all hand-decorated by a single master watchmaker in compliance with the Geneva Hallmark's high-demanding standards and all its functions are displayed on two dials in order to guarantee exceptional readability.

vacheron-constantin-57260-most-complicated-watch-1The Vacheron Constantin 57260, which required 8 years of development to be made, is the latest in a tradition that began in 1918 with a pocket watch crafted for James Ward Packard and then stopped in 1948 with the release of a pocket watch made for Count Guy de Boisrouvray.

vacheron-constantin-57260-most-complicated-watch-2Recently, in 2017, Vacheron Constantin proved once again its abilities by unveiling the glorious Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication 3600, a super complicated wristwatch that, however, cannot equal the superlative Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 which still is the most complicated wristwatch ever created.

(Photo credit: Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

Instagram - Gaetano Cimmino

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