Top Ten 2018 most read articles of the blog.

Top Ten 2018 most read articles of the blog.

10 January 2019 | Watch Reviews

Horbiter® grew considerably in 2018. We had the greatest growth since the magazine was launched in the second part of 2013. We achieved this result thanks to the quality of our digital content, the passion of our contributors and a continuous improvement process that has just begun (and that'll never stop). There are many ways to celebrate a success, one of them being a list of our top rated and most read articles, figures included. Here is, in short, the list of our top ten posts.

1 - Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi” 126710 BLRO - 23.671 views

Writing about Rolex makes our daily job a lot easier. The power of the brand and the appeal of its collections are so big that each time we publish a short post about one of its timepieces, the attention of readers skyrockets and mouse clicks does too. The Rolex GMT-Master II "Pepsi" 126710 BLRO was the star of last year; the brand managed to create such a big expectation around the watch that getting one new with tags is a challenge and requires no less than two years.

rolex-gmt-master-ii-pepsi-126710-blro-steel-jubilee-bracelet-calibre-3285However, our article was widely appreciated too: it is one of the most complete and thoroughly thought articles I have ever written. It required a great effort to deepen all the technical features and the historical references of the GMT-Master II, but all this hard work paid off. However, the total number of views is extraordinary.

2 - Rolex Sky-Dweller Oystersteel and Everose Gold - 10.047 views

Again, a Rolex is sitting in second place, and it is the complicated Rolex par excellence. Although it is in my opinion less wearable than any classic Oystersteel, due to its thickness, the hefty Rolex Sky-Dweller Steel and Gold was undoubtedly one of the most desired complicated watches of 2018.

Rolex-Sky-DwellerRolex proved it was able to create a timepiece whose features are on par with those of the most renowned complicated watches on the market, as did already when launched the Yacht-Master II. Among its pros, I list the caliber and the clever Ring Command system that helps operate the movement via the knurled bezel.

3 - Rolex Oyster Precision 6694 - 7.674 views

In this case, I'm quite surprised, because this article represents one of the early posts about a Rolex. The truth is that, however, we fully revised the content as you would do with an old black and white film and that the reference 6694 is one of the most sought after watches by people looking for their first Rolex at a fair price.

Rolex-Oysterdate-Precision-6694We are talking here about an old timepiece that collectors trade a lot on the second-hand market.

4 - Seiko Prospex Dawn Grey Series Limited Edition SRPD01K1 and SRPD03K1 - 7.412 views

Seiko is not new to Horbiter®. We are among the greatest fans of the brand and its divers, that represent a large part of my collection of watches. The Seiko Prospex Dawn Gray Series Limited Edition SRPD01K1 and SRPD03K1 are two of the most successful limited edition watches ever made by the Japanese brand, especially from an aesthetic point of view since they introduced a striking color combination, without overcrowding the dial as happened already with other Limited Edition timepieces.

seiko-prospex-turtle-dawn-grey-and-prospex-samurai-dawn-greyTheir technical specs are unquestionable, and their super-attractive price has resulted in demand exceeding supply, and market price quickly going up.

5 - Omega Seamaster Diver 300M - 6.040 views

While we wait to find out what will Omega launch this year, that I expect to be entirely dedicated to the celebrations of the first fifty years from the moon landing, the brand has completely revamped its collection of classic divers. It introduced a new Master Chronometer certified movement (Caliber 8800), a ceramic bezel with Ceragold diving scale and a see-through case back secured via a NAIAD Lock b system.

Omega-Diver-Seamaster-300M-2018-seiIf 2019 is expected to be the year devoted to the caliber 321 and the Moonwatch, 2018 was certainly the year of the new Seamaster 300M.

6 - Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto 2018 - 5.810 views

A few years back I was impressed by the Khaki Navy Frogman collection's design. It was and still is an excellent product but a bit too heavy and professional for everyday use in my opinion. The Khaki Navy Scuba Auto 2018 is, among the entry level Scuba divers, what a Khaki Field Mechanical is to the Khaki Field collection.

hamilton-khaki-navy-scuba-collection-2018It is a simple product, with a reasonable size, available with any bracelet, rubber or NATO strap. Our readers have very much appreciated.

7 - Did You Know - What's behind Rolex name and logo? - 5.557 views

The idea behind the "Did You Know" column was the following: to fuel the curiosity of those enthusiasts who are not willing to always read an in-depth article.

rolex-oystersteel-datejust-126334The column includes anecdotes and brief stories rather than materials and specifications. The origins of the Rolex name and logo was one of the most popular topics. Ironically, Rolex has recently launched a new website ( where a section describes the origins of its name.

8 - Longines HydroConquest - 5.088 views

It's no big news that Longines is a successful brand. However, some models are far more successful than others. The Longines HydroConquest is by far one of the most desired luxury sports Longines watches.

longines-hydroconquest-4The 2018 version includes a beautiful gray dial, a ceramic bezel, and a general re-design, featuring better proportions and enhanced touch and feel. What is generally improved is, in fact, the perceived quality, compare the 2018 version with any previous version of the HydroConquest and you will understand. Its competitive price did the rest.

9 - Seiko Prospex SPB053J1 - 4.646 views

Again a Seiko is in the Top Ten. The Seiko Prospex SPB053J1 does not have the same appeal as the Dawn Gray Series but features higher specifications and a price that is higher than the Seiko Prospex Turtle's.

seiko-prospex-spb053j1In this case, the location where we took our photos, the Isle of Capri, played a key role in making this post successful.

10 - Cartier Santos de Cartier - 4.490 views

The Santos de Cartier is quite a surprise, considering that we boast a few articles dedicated to the brand compared to other brands belonging to the Richemont Group. Credit goes to Andrea Frigerio, who wrote the article and has a great passion for the Cartier Santos.

Cartier-Santos-de-Cartier-2018-4The collection was a game changer too, as it stepped-up although the new bezel design has not yet grown on me. Aesthetically I still prefer the old version, but from a technical standpoint, there's no comparison.

(Photo credit: Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

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