The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph

The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph

Interstellar's main character.

08 June 2019 | Hamilton , Watch Reviews

Interstellar was Christopher Nolan's umpteenth masterpiece, a film featuring a cast of superb actors, awarded with the 2015 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Nolan and Nathan Crowley produced a film that excellently combines sci-fi, the theory of relativity and the paternal love of Joseph Cooper, starring Matthew McConaughey, to his daughter Murph, played by Jessica Chastain.

hamilton-khaki-field-murph-10Also the soundtrack, for which Nolan's films are widely acclaimed (do you have in mind Batman's, and Dunkirk's, original soundtracks?), is a cult amongst movie fans. Hamilton Watch was not just edited down to a cameo; it plays a meaningful role in the script of the movie. Nonetheless, the brand is very much linked to sci-fi since the Hamilton X01 first appeared in Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey; and it'll soon appear once again in the upcoming new episode of Men In Black.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph plays a leading role.

Science fiction has always fascinated me since I was a kid, and the theories of physics regarding space and time, masterfully illustrated by Kubrick at the time, have definitely inspired the making of Interstellar. In the film-making, Nolan collaborated with Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist at Caltech (California Institute of Technology), to make sure the entire storytelling was abiding by the rules regarding the concept of gravitational time dilation, for example.

hamilton-khaki-field-murph-8If you have seen the film already, you know the script of the movie and, therefore, how Joseph Cooper manages to communicate with his daughter from a different space-time dimension than that on planet earth. Viceversa, I can only assert that the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph, which repeatedly appears during the film, is a means to help Mr.Cooper send Morse encrypted messages, from the inside of the tesseract, a four-dimensional cube of infinite five-dimensional space, to his daughter, who's on planet earth.

hamilton-khaki-field-murph-5Mr. Cooper, a former NASA scientist, is traveling with other astronauts through a wormhole, in search of a planet where to bring the entire humanity, endangered by a natural scourge that's rapidly consuming the oxygen in the atmosphere.

It is the antithesis between the romanticism and simplicity of an analog wristwatch, the Khaki Field Murph, and the complexity of multiple space-time, that makes this film and the watch so special.

What makes, in my opinion, Interstellar's Khaki Field Murph scene so exciting is the contrast between a pure analog three-hand watch and the complexity of the hypercube created by aliens to help Mr. Cooper send messages to Murph. In the film, the Khaki Field Murph plays therefore the main character, especially in the final part.

hamilton-khaki-field-murph-11By doing so, the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph has become incredibly popular since the brand has built a sweet story around the watch that looks all but commercial.

The Khaki Field Murph's style is seamlessly fitting the scenario where the movie scenes take place; Mr. Cooper's house is a cottage settled amidst America's countryside, and the Khaki Field Murph looks like a vintage wristwatch you inherited by your grandfather.

hamilton-khaki-field-murph-6In making a faithful re-edition of the original watch, Hamilton also crafted a numbered edition of tesseract-inspired watch boxes (just 2.555 were ever made), an accessory that has become as sought-after as the watch itself (that is not limited). Our team of photographers focused instead on replicating as faithfully as possible the environment where the key scene of the movie takes place, and I believe we hit the nail on the head.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph would have succeeded even if equipped with a quartz movement. It features top-notch specs instead.

Interstellar was so successful that the Khaki Murph sold like hotcakes (it is priced just below the €900 threshold); I think it'd have succeeded even with a quartz caliber. To make it even more appealing, the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph is stripped to the bone; no date window at all, something that I'd love to see Hamilton Watch do on other Khaki Field watches, and the Arabic numerals are filled with plenty of vintage-looking beige SuperLuminova®.

hamilton-khaki-field-murph-1Also, the hands are not baton-shaped; they rather sport a cathedral hands' style; they make the Murph distinctive and contribute to enhancing that somewhat vintage military looking feel, further. The most significant difference to other Khaki Field watches is hidden and in-scripted on the sweeping seconds' hand that bears the wording "Eureka" written in Morse code.

hamilton-khaki-field-murphThat is what Murph screamed as she deciphered his father's Morse-coded message via the Khaki Field Murph, that allowed her to understand how to complete her project to save humanity. The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph is vintage looking on the outside, as it is modern on the inside. Sporting a 42mm wide case (crown excluded) and powered by the 80-hour power reserve H10 caliber, it comes on a black leather strap that suits the overall style but could have been softer, to make it as comfortable as the latest additions to the base Khaki Field Mechanical.

(Photo credit: Simona Bertogliatti for Horbiter®)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

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  1. user Giuseppe scrive:

    Ottima recensione di un Hamilton veramente retrò ed affascinante.

    • Horbiter scrive:

      Grazie Giuseppe. Il Khaki Murph è uno dei Khaki più interessanti in collezione. La sua storia sapientemente legata alla trama del film Interstellar aggiunge ulteriore fascino. Gaetano

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