The Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date 42mm Camouflage Collection

The Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date 42mm Camouflage Collection

30 September 2018 | Hamilton , Watch Reviews

Hamilton’s history is inextricably linked to the Khaki Field and its classic three-hands-watch with a double scale - a military-inspired watch – and it is also linked to the supply of watches with specific characteristics to the American Navy.

hamilton-khaki-field-day-date-autoEven without wanting to call into question the roots of the Khaki collection that Hamilton has increasingly expanded to other sectors by creating the Khaki Navy Scuba Auto (originally equipped with a nylon strap and afterwards with a rubber strap), and the Khaki Navy Frogman for extremely professionals divers, the Khaki Field Day Date Auto brings back the Khaki collection into its original territory.

The Khaki Field Mechanical's legacy

I have often reiterated, and this is something that should be easily understood commercial-wise, that when a collection is successful it is quite natural that the brand will expand it to explore further and try to satisfy all the tastes of the current or potentially-new customers. The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical that represents the essence of this brand founded on American soil and the new 50mm King Size epitomize today the two extremes of a collection that knows no limits and that is even used by the pilots of the Red Bull Air Race. However, nothing is as familiar as that opaque olive green military tone on a fabric strap; something that you could easily identify even among hundreds of different watches scattered on a table inside an American pop-up shop.

hamilton-khaki-field-day-date-auto-6The Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Auto is the bridge connecting the simplicity of the manual winding Khaki Mechanical with no date and the modernity of an automatic Khaki Field Chrono (that now also sports the military colors of the new Jack Ryan series broadcast on Amazon Prime Video) because it features the spirit of the original Khaki watch with all the comfort sides, the size (42mm) and the characteristics of a modern automatic timepiece.

hamilton-khaki-field-day-date-auto-2A Khaki Field Day Date Auto does not betray its origins, but rather intensifies them aesthetically thanks to its new camouflage and solid color straps - on which Hamilton has applied a rubber insert on the inside – and the technically-refined day-and-date-complication and a super caliber.

The colors that made a Khaki so popular with the addition of a Camo nylon strap

There are three combinations of this timepiece available; the camouflage strap is matched with the black and khaki dials, while the third and more neutral version links together the gray clay dial and a khaki strap. As far as the new straps are concerned Hamilton has refined them in recent years and turned them into more personal items by transforming simple and sometimes anonymous pin buckles into refined pin buckles with the Hamilton logo embossed on them.

hamilton-khaki-field-day-date-auto-5I would like to command both the designers and the Product Marketing department of the brand for not giving in to the easy temptation to include a deployant buckle that would make little sense on these Khaki watches.

Just say: "Khaki"

Vice versa, the deployant buckle is indispensable on the fourth and last version of this Khaki Field Day Date Auto – a version sporting a steel bracelet and a black dial that also has a wider range of use and is more bourgeois, but, at the same time, much heavier too. If the nylon strap with a small piece sewed around the main one is a nice aesthetic novelty of the last Khaki watches, the H-30 caliber with its 80 hours of power reserve and the day-and-date-complication can be considered a best-in-class.

hamilton-khaki-field-day-date-42-mm-collectionOn watches within this type and price range (the retail price goes from €745 to €795 for the all-steel-version) being able to fine tune the offer, while providing the right amount of content is essential. The result translates into a positive image and into the strength of the Khaki Field collection; a brand within the brand as clearly explained by the response to a classic question: "What watch do you own?" "I own a Khaki".

(Photo credit: courtesy of Hamilton Watch, Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting by Simona Bertogliatti)

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