Longines Flagship Heritage by Kate Winslet auction

Longines Flagship Heritage by Kate Winslet auction

Longines and Kate Winslet partner to support the Golden Hat Foundation

25 June 2017 |

There are only five specimens of the Longines Flagship Heritage by Kate Winslet; an extremely limited set created by the actress herself. She is one of the ambassadors of Longines and has partnered with the manufacturer from St.Imier to help the Golden Hat Foundation; a charity she co-founded, whose main aim focuses on the inclusion and education of children with autism.

ambassador-kate-winslet-longinesExactly one year ago, Kate Winslet went to the Swiss manufacturing facility to personally choose the limited-time watch to sell through an auction that will end by the end of June. The Longines Flagship Heritage by Kate Winslet is a very special edition of the Flagship Heritage, it is made of yellow gold, it is 35mm wide and features an engraving on the back with the actress's name on it.

Longines-Heritage-Flagship-Kate-Winslet-auctionThe five specimens will be divided this way: specimen number one will be hosted at the Longines Museum at St.Imier, while specimen number five will be donated to Kate. The other three specimens have been already auctioned, and as I am writing this article, they have already reached quite important bidding figures; a clear demonstration of the timepieces’ collector value.

Longines-Heritage-Flagship-Kate-Winslet-auction-2In the picture above, you can see that specimen number two, the most sought-after by collectors, has already reached a bidding price of 69,000USD, while the other two specimens have reached - and in one case exceeded already, a bidding figure above the 27,000USD threshold. These are amazing results, if you consider the fact that there are still five days left before the end of the auction; quite a long time for those who bid in online auctions. If you are interested in participating in the auction, you can access it by clicking on this link. It is superfluous to remember that all the proceeds will go entirely to the Golden Hat Foundation.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Longines)

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