Eberhard & Co. and Blizzard Skis

Eberhard & Co. and Blizzard Skis

Celebrating the 130th Anniversary of the brand, in Austria

07 November 2017 | Eberhard & Co. , Events

If you love skiing and you are one of those people, who count the days left before the winter season kicks in and skiing facilities open again (in Italy, if there is enough snow, that means around the first days of December), then you cannot miss an opportunity like trying high-altitude skiing on glaciers; your chance to fuel your passion and get ready for the new season. If you live nearby the Alps, you will have lots of choices for the location; Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland.

evento-eberhard-tecnica-group-kaprun-5Austria is a ski paradise and it comes to no surprise that its ski national team is the best in the world. Kaprun, a wonderful and not-too-well-known ski resort nearby Kitzbühel, features a 3000m glacier perfectly covered in snow and the ideal place to re-open the winter season.

EBERHARD-Chrono-4-130-Anniversary-Edition-LimiteeEberhard & Co. celebrated its first 130 years in this 2017 that is quickly approaching its end and, to fully mark this special occasion, the manufacturer has scheduled quite a few events, where the main characters will be its products and its most famous collection; the Chrono 4.

evento-eberhard-tecnica-group-kaprunMoreover, a few different happenings will last until the end of this year. One of these events took place in this resort located in the Austrian Alps and was open to a selected group of journalists only. During two days, we had the chance to test the new Blizzard Quattro RS; the top of the range of this naturalized Italian brand and customized with the same shades available on the dial of the limited edition Chrono 4; a chrono with a skeletonized dial and a sapphire glass that opened our articles series during the Swiss fair.

evento-eberhard-tecnica-group-kaprun-3Eberhard & Co. hosted us in the prestigious Tauern Spa; a point of reference for Austrian people, the manufacturer also invited the Blizzard team (that has been part of the Tecnica Group for a few years) to introduce us to the new Quattro RS and give us the chance to test the new skis under the supervision of exceptional instructors like Daniela Ceccarelli (the Super-G medal winner at the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City).

evento-eberhard-tecnica-group-kaprun-daniela-ceccarelli-gaetano-cimminoThis famous skier is Blizzard’s current ambassador and is also in charge of a professional ski school that bears her name and trains young Italian ski talents. There was also Maria Elena Rizzieri; a former athlete of the Italian Ski Federation and the current manager of the Women2Women project that Blizzard has exclusively intended for all those women, who want to start practising ski; a silent and constantly-growing group of people.

evento-eberhard-tecnica-group-kaprun-maria-elena-rizzieriFrom an aesthetical point of view, the Blizzard Quattro RS sports the exact same colours as the limited-edition Chrono 4. It features four rings in full-view that represent the four counters available on the watch’s dial, top-notch technical characteristics (such as an agile mixed structure made up of carbon fibre composite) and 174cm in length.

evento-eberhard-tecnica-group-kaprun-daniela-ceccarelliQuite unexpectedly, at the end of the testing session, this wonderful skis were generously gifted to every guest; an extremely ideal present for a ski-lover like me! Those two days passed by too quickly; the atmosphere was very genuine and fully focused on real sport and pure enjoyment with Italian and foreign friends, moreover, we also had the chance to ski together with one of our Olympic medallists.

evento-eberhard-tecnica-group-kaprun-4This experience, however, is not over yet, as on 5th December, as the manufacturer confirmed already, we are in line for yet another surprise, and knowing how great the events organized by Eberhard & Co. usually are, I am sure that it will be something totally unexpected and, like on this occasion, something extremely innovative.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Eberhard & Co)

Gaetano Cimmino @Horbiter®

@Gaetano Cimmino

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