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Passion for Watches

Dedicated to all the watch enthusiasts.

What is the Passion for Watches column on Horbiter® all about? In our magazine, we follow the latest market trends, we analyze the most visited watch forums in Italy and abroad, and we meet the most relevant collectors of modern luxury watches and vintage watches too. Here at Horbiter® we also have a watch catalog and we will soon launch our community that sets it apart from any standard watch forum and aims at becoming a reference point for all watch lovers, whether they love time-only watches, tourbillon watches, minute repeater watches, perpetual calendar watches or diving watches, just to name a few.

Why this column.

Consider this new column as a place where we do not necessarily talk about watch reviews; we will instead introduce everything that revolves around the world of watchmaking. We will here discuss decorations, engraving techniques, or new materials used in watchmaking as do innovative brands like Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet or Hublot, for example. You will also read about cutting-edge technology mechanical movements, like those adopted by Bulgari for its Octo, to cite one, or high-frequency movements. Our passion for watches is limitless.

Why a Community and not a Watches Forum.

Watch Forums are a great place to share our passion for watches, any kinds of watches. Forum members share, via watch forums, anything, from a wrist shot to an old wristwatch sold through the second-hand market (most forums have a section dedicated to buyers and sellers). The Community has different rules instead, provides subscribers other tools to share one's passion for watches. In a Community, there are no watch reviews, the aim being to offer watch-related content instead and let members engage. In this column, you will not only find articles related to topics of common interest, like for example, which are the most visited watch forums in Italy or abroad.  You'll also find useful in-depth articles regarding the price trend or increase over time of new or used watches, the passion for new Rolex watches, or new Patek Philippe watches, to cite two brands that today represent the most significant investment asset, among luxury watch brands.

Please welcome HorbiterCafè, a new innovative community where you can fully enjoy your passion for watches.

The development of the Horbiter® community, whose name is HorbiterCafè, is underway. It will go live between the end of the year and the first quarter of 2020. We have conceived a community whose offer sets it apart from anything else you have seen so far. We believe the current formula of the discussion forum is outdated, and we look forward to providing our subscribers with new experiences and innovative services.


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