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Casio Watches: history, collections, and models

Casio is among the most renowned brands in the production of high-tech watches. Highly specialized in producing multiple electronic devices, Casio prides itself with offering breakthrough digital watches, combining unrivaled features, outstanding performances, and innovative technical solutions.

Over the years, the Japanese manufacturer has focused on manufacturing timepieces offering great functionality, high technology, stunning design, and superior robustness.

Each Casio watch, across countless product lines, is designed to meet various of customers' needs.

Let's dig into the most relevant product lines and their specifications.

Casio models: the essential product lines

Casio G-Shock: for those who're seeking unbreakable wristwatches

This Casio product line is synonymous with robustness. Each timepiece offers excellent performance under the most demanding conditions, thus making a G-Shock the one to go if you're a fan of extreme sports.

casio-g-shock-frogmanThe first-ever G-Shock appeared in 1983 and hit the headlines. Its designer, the engineer Kikuo Ibe, set a hard-to-achieve standard back then: A Casio G-Shock had to comply with the so-called "triple 10". It means it had to withstand a 10-meter fall, be water-resistant to up to 10 bars, and ensure ten-year battery life. Casio succeeded in what seemed to be an impossible goal to achieve.

Over the years, the brand has painstakingly improved and upgraded its products and features, but each new G-Shock watch still holds those features that made the first one a class of its own:

Robustness: a G-Shock's case usually comes in stainless steel and resin (and, recently, other materials too, like a Carbon Core structure), thus guaranteeing superior durability. Offering such an uncommon combination, this kind of Casio watches are virtually indestructible. On top of the case and dial, there's a scratch-resistant mineral glass (it comes in sapphire on the more expensive models). It is the right watch for those looking for adrenaline willing to wear a product ready to face any condition.

Innovative Technology: Casio G-Shock watches are not just synonymous with extreme sturdiness. They offer solar charging, radio signal reception, and the SMART ACCESS function to get the most out of any sports activity a wearer is carrying out.

Design: Since it was announced, a Casio G-Shock has quickly become a style statement. That's why the brand has increasingly extended the possible product range; a Casio G-Shock is today a watch as stylish as it is rugged and capable of offering supreme performance.

Each model comes with plenty of colors, straps, and display options, to meet the most varied combinations of style and features.

We have had the chance to review several G-Shock timepieces along the way. Here is a list:

Casio Pro-Trek: for athletes who never give up on style

Precision meets style in this specific product line. Although the first Pro-Trek model (released in 1994) had a massive and futuristic look, the latest models are far more elegant and appealing.

casio-pro-trek-smartThe latest models' size is smaller than before, and the strap has a classic "look and feel" making a Pro-Trek nicer to look at. However, this traditional look doesn't mean a Pro-Trek is short on performance.

Each timepiece comes standard with a triple sensor and includes a digital compass, barometer/altimeter, and thermometer.

To these three features, here is a list of the additional ones a Pro-Trek watch has built its reputation:

Learn more via our reviews about the Pro-Trek models.

Casio Pro-Trek SMART WSD-F20S

Casio Edifice: functional elegance

casio-edificeA Casio Edifice is a somewhat different timepiece compared to other Casio watches. Although being top-performing products as well, they sport a more refined design than their quintessentially sports siblings. It is a perfect everyday Casio watch and a business casual timepiece.

Sturdy ConstructionCasio Edifice comes with a sturdy solid stainless steel case, and the dial is covered by scratch-resistant mineral or sapphire glass. A screw-down case back guarantees strength and safety. Some Edifice models can withstand up to 20 Bar and have a long power reserve, especially when adopting solar-charge.

VersatilityCasio Edifice watches either come as analog or analog-digital models.

Design: Edifice models offer different styles. You can opt for a Casio watch with a classic steel bracelet and safety clasp or a sportier one with a flexible resin strap. As an option, this product line also comes with several genuine leather strap variants.

As understated as they get, Casio Edifice watches come equipped with plenty of features, like for example:



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