Accutron Watch 2021: the new brand, the storyline, the current offering

In 2020, sixty years after the first-ever Bulova Accutron's launch, Accutron watch debuted as a stand-alone brand, thus splitting from Bulova while holding a premium positioning among the Citizen Group. Citizen Watch once acquired Bulova and the patented tuning fork technology, too. Accutron or ACCU-TRON stands for "Accuracy through Electronics." The 2021 Accutron has introduced an innovative electrostatic technology in horology, whose development took ten years, and requires advanced manufacturing processes.

Bulova Accutron

By offering the world's first fully electronic watch in 1960, Accutron introduced a never-seen-before accuracy in watchmaking. With the tuning fork technology, Bulova Accutron marked the most significant advancement in timekeeping accuracy over a period of 300 years, thanks to Swiss engineer Max Hetzel's genius and hard work. Bulova Accutron watches rapidly gained first-page news, and the tuning fork technology became paramount in making the Apollo space program succeed while ensuring worldwide consumers unmatched precision along with a glide motion second hand.

Accutron: space missions, the Air Force One, and Mad Men

The tuning fork technology became trendy inside the industry and out. Timepieces like the Bulova Spaceview or the Bulova Accutron II marked a ten-year long era, with the icing on the cake of Bulova providing an Accutron timer to the Apollo 11's command module. An Accutron 521 in gold was often on Elvis Presley's wrist, and an Accutron desk clock became standard equipment for President Johnson's US presidential Air Force One. Finally, an Accutron watch also appeared in Mad Men's seventh season, back then.

Bulova Accutron watches availability and price list

If we refer to the historical technology timepieces, before the new Accutron Spaceview 2021 hit the market, the price ranges from less than 1000 Euros to several thousand euros if you're looking for specific product references on a gold case. While opting for a vintage Bulova Accutron, please make sure the timepiece is in excellent condition, and the owner has carefully serviced the watch, other than offering the original box and papers.

Accutron 2021 price list

The 2021 Accutron watch product family consists of three collections: Accutron Spaceview and Accutron DNA adopt the new and breakthrough electrostatic technology. The Accutron legacy is a nod to the old Bulova Accutron from a design standpoint while adopting a standard architecture comprising a Swiss-sourced mechanical movement. Prices can vary from about 1500 Euros if you opt for an Accutron Legacy up to 3600 Euros asking price, as it is with Accutron DNA and Accutron Spaceview 2021, the premium offering being the Accutron Spaceview in 18-karat gold and produced in just 60 numbered pieces.



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