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Bulgari Watches, history, innovations and best 2021 models

The Bulgari watch brand was founded in Rome in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek silversmith. The brand quickly established itself as an Italian luxury brand and, at the beginning of its history, as one of the most prestigious jewelers, before expanding to other luxury segments. Today, the brand offers jewelry, watches, perfumes, leather goods, and the hotel industry's products and services.

Bulgari-bdinner-Roma-4Sotirio, whose family of jewelers was from Epirus, Greece, moved to Italy, first to Naples (1881) and then to Rome, in 1894. In Rome, he began exhibiting his jewels in a shop on Via Sistina; he then opened its boutique in Via Condotti 28, in 1895, where it is still located.

Bulgari-bdinner-Roma-2Thanks to Cinecittà, Rome became a luxury destination in the sixties, and the boutique welcomed American actors and celebrities. After that, during the seventies, the family began expanding its business in Europe and overseas, by opening boutiques in Paris, Monte Carlo, Geneva, and New York. While offering total look luxury accessories, including watches, Bulgari extended its portfolio by providing luxury experiences, like Bulgari-branded hotels and resorts. The LVMH Group acquired the Italian brand in 2012.

Bulgari Men's Watches

Originally known and appreciated for its jewelry, the brand is now a respected luxury watchmaker. Each Bulgari watch is made entirely in-house in its manufacture, comprised of four factories located in the Swiss Jura region.

Bulgari-bdinner-Roma-13The watch division is vertically integrated and looks after every part of the watch, from case milling to dial making and mechanical movements. It currently employs approximately 350 people.

Bulgari watches catalog

The offering of Bulgari watches today is broad and rather original in the industry. Bulgari has a clear vision; a Bulgari Aluminum, for example, is a perfect example of the brand mission aimed at innovating and never replicating an existing wristwatch. The same goes for a Bulgari Diagono, a Bulgari Bulgari, or a Bulgari Octo, whose Finissimo has achieved several records and whose design is different from anything else.

Bulgari-Octo-Granlusso-bdinner-Roma-7The story behind the Bulgari Bulgari watch is a nice one: initially introduced in 1975, it was a gift to the top 100 customers of the Roman boutique, in the shape of a digital watch with the wording "Bulgari Roma" engraved on the bezel. It later became the Bulgari Bulgari.

Bulgari watches prices: Bulgari men's watch.

The Bulgari men's watch catalog now includes the following collections: Bulgari Aluminum (renewed in 2020), Bulgari Bulgari (renewed in 2020), Bulgari Octo (which includes Octo Roma, Octo l'Originale, Octo Finissimo), and Gèrald Genta creations.

bulgari-gerald-genta-arena-bi-retrograde-sportIn the latter case, the brand celebrated the genius of Gèrald Genta (whose brand was acquired by Bulgari) with a platinum creation in 2019, first, and the Gérald Genta Arena Bi-Retrograde Sport in 2020. Retail prices range from 4250 Euros of the new Bulgari Bulgari on rubber strap to 46300 Euros for an Octo Finissimo in pink gold.



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