The Victorinox Inox Remade in Switzerland

The Victorinox Inox Remade in Switzerland

04 March 2015 |

Take a Victorinox Inox, possibly the toughest analog watch in the world, replace its rubber strap with a vintage military recycled one and, moreover, replace the bumper on the case with a leather cover made of the same vintage leather used for the strap: you have just created the Victorinox INOX Remade in Switzerland.

The name "Remade in Switzerland" refers to a fine clothing collection unveiled by stylist Christopher Raeburn during the 2011 New York Fashion Week. This collection was realized by recycling blankets, sleeping bags and parachutes used by the Swiss Army during the last century. In 2013 Christopher Raeburn was appointed as Artistic Director of Victorinox Fashion. The success of the collection had been such that, with Christopher joining the company and the desire to create something truly special, Victorinox decided to pay homage to it by making 250 limited edition pieces of the famous Inox, named after the Remade in Switzerland collection.

The modern watch par excellence has thus dressed itself with some actual Swiss Army's vintage leather equipment, which share an outstanding resistance with the Inox (some of the leather used for these timepieces is more than one-hundred years old). The bumper you see in the picture below (we have already reviewed the Inox nearly one year ago, soon after Baselworld 2014):

has been replaced by a leather cover applied to the case via two fasteners. Since not all straps nor bumpers are made using the same piece of leather equipment, this means that each of the 250 pieces is virtually unique. A very good example of co-operation between two different Divisions within the company, the fashion and the watch division, the outcome is a rugged military-style timepiece with an authentic vintage appeal (the Inox has passed 130 very challenging tests, two of which are illustrated in our hands-on review HERE). I just hope such exclusivity will not result into a consistent price increase from to the usual cost of an Inox (that usually retails for 500€ approximately). More details and an official retail price during Baselworld 2015.

(Photo credit: courtesy of Victorinox)

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