Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Collection

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Collection

The HOTTEST new Speedmaster Moonwatch Limited Edition watches come from Japan

23 July 2018 | OMEGA

I can't speak Japanese but I'm expert enough about Omega to declare that the Speedmaster Moonwatch Limited Edition collection created to celebrate the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is the first case ever where the brand created a collection that is dedicated exclusively to a single market, because the five new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch timepieces you can see on here will be sold exclusively in the Land of the Rising Sun. Let's go in order: Darren, aka Vintage Speedmaster on Instagram, was the first to notice this limited series watches that are follow the recent launch of the Speedy Tuesday Ultraman or, perhaps, were already present on the Japanese version of the Omega website.


The interest generated by Darren's post was such that all the Speedmaster Moonwatch die-hard fans got crazy in a few hours, given the details that some of these new limited edition watches actually feature, as they mimic some of the most prestigious and highly sought-after Omega LE Moonwatch. In particular, three of them reproduce the Omega Speedmaster Professional Gemini 4 40th Anniversary, the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Mitsukoshi Dial and the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 15 Limited edition 35th Anniversary respectively while the other two ones replicate the colors (bezel and dial) that Omega introduced two years ago when they launched the Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonphase (green bezel or red bezel coupled with steel-gold and platinum respectively).

omega-speedmaster-moonwatch-tokyo-2020-olympic-games-collection-2What seems clear from the pictures released on is that each of these Moonwatch will be made in just 2020 specimen and that Omega has also released a box containing all the five timepieces (only 55 boxes will be ever sold). The caliber hosted inside the 42mm case is familiar and is the well known 1861 caliber. More information can be found on and additional ones will be provided as soon as we get more updates from the translation to Italian that is underway. Stay tuned!

(Photo credit: courtesy of Omega Watches Japan)

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