Hands-on with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch First Omega in Space Sedna Gold

Hands-on with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch First Omega in Space Sedna Gold

26 June 2015 | Omega , Watch Reviews

If you viewed my website a few days ago for the first time you might be arguing that this has been the second time in a row already (and in quite a short timeframe also) that I have talked about an Omega timepiece. If you're a frequent reader of Horbiter you might be still asking yourself why I am talking again about a watch that has been extensively covered some time ago already. The answer to your first question is that this is pure coincidence because, in the last couple of months, I've thought a lot about the new Globemaster and I would like to share with you a few thoughts about this particular watch and the hidden meaning that this collection has for the brand and for the entire horology world as well.

The Omega Moonwatch Speedmaster First Omega in Space Sedna Gold has been covered already in our “5 minutes on the wrist” column but, as the name of the section suggests, I had not too much time to enjoy this timepiece during Baselworld 2015 so I asked my friends at Omega to let me get my hands on it one more time and spend some more quality time in its company. I'm very thankful to the brand's Italian PR people for the help that they gave me in taking a lot of pictures that speak for themselves much more than words could do.

Omega has been very smart in making a numbered (hence not limited) edition timepiece that, so far, has neither hit the official website nor has it been part of the brand's press kit at Baselworld. In order to fully appreciate it, one had to discover it first, well hidden among all the glittering novelties on display at the manufacturer's booth, so if you are a fan of the Speedy, if you own one, two or many Professional Moonwatch you should definitely dedicate a minute of your time to this article and read on because you are in for a few surprises.

The Omega Moonwatch Speedmaster First Omega in Space Sedna Gold is a gold numbered edition of a timepiece that hit the market seven years before the Moonwatch Professional did, and is the very first Omega timepiece to have been used in zero gravity by astronaut Wally Schirra during the Sigma 7 space mission.

Somebody argued that this timepiece shouldn't be called the ”Moonwatch” (and they are perhaps right), some others (like Omega for instance) name it Moonwatch “First Omega in Space” and it is already available on the brand's catalogue in its stainless steel version. It is certain that the word “Professional” does not make too much sense here because the original watch had not been recognized by NASA, although the timepiece was worn by Wally during his space mission and, this is interesting, had been purchased at an authorized retailer in Florida.

Omega has upgraded the 39,7mm case that features symmetrical (and straight) lugs (take a look at the case of your Professional) and alpha hands to adopt the revolutionary Sedna Gold alloy and a ceramic chocolate bezel coupled with three chocolate counters on the champagne dial. This watch is simply too cool: the Sedna Gold alloy and ceramic combination offers new technical features, while still retaining the timepiece's exceptional vintage look. On top of everything else, the case is protected by a sapphire "form box" glass that enhances the vintage feel even more.

Even after years of wearing it you will never get tired of this watch and the Sedna Gold alloy has been designed, Omega claims, to keep its appearance for many decades. A smooth brown leather strap with white stitching and a classic gold tang buckle with the Omega logo on it complete the package. What beats inside is easy to guess: the 1861 manual wind caliber that equips every classic Speedmaster Professional.

If I were asked to pick a gold watch for myself I would definitely take the Omega Speedmaster First Omega in Space Sedna Gold into serious consideration. It is not a standard Speedmaster, and is very refined and it has a warm, vintage feel, which makes it, in my opinion, the real Speedmaster, it is far more classy than any Professional, even in its base stainless steel version. The only flaw is perhaps the recommended retail price: approximately 15,000€.

It is quite a high price that might make even the most loyal Speedy fans think twice before buying this timepiece and probably prompt him to look elsewhere for alternative options, but you should also consider that this watch is, after all, Omega's flagship (perhaps a collector's piece), an item that Omega will produce on demand, in strict accordance with the requests coming from the market, as well as a timepiece whose appeal will never fade with the passing of time. I wished that Omega could come up with a stainless steel version of this watch with this Panda like dial in the near future, but, until that day, let's at least enjoy the below gallery of pictures.

(photo credit: Horbiter®'s proprietary photo-shooting)

Gaetano C. @Horbiter®

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