Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 2021 Master Chronometer 3861

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 2021 Master Chronometer 3861

In steel (Sapphire, Hesalite), and Canopus™ Gold.

11 January 2021 | Omega , Watch Reviews

One week after its official reveal, held during the 2021's first Speedy Tuesday, the new Omega Moonwatch Master Chronometer 3861 was the missing piece in the Speedmaster Moonwatch collection's full renovation process so far, and opens a new era for the Swiss brand's most coveted and sought-after timepiece. The luxury sports hand-wound chronograph has undergone a thorough re-engineering, far more intense than what meets our eye at first glance. To put things into the right context, let me tell you that the new product launch couldn't be delayed any further; if you're a watch geek and use to surf the most visited fora on the Internet, you should have noticed that plenty of leaked images and specs sheets were popping here and there, earlier last month, starring the new steel Moonwatch. What those documents and most specs would ever convey is how you touch and feel any new piece. Once placing a new Omega Moonwatch under the loupe, you experience the kind of obsessive development this new generation has gone through, and the fine details that set the 2021 Moonwatch apart from the discontinued model, the new METAS certification being relevant, yet just a piece of a bigger picture.


If you want to discover everything about the 2021 Moonwatch instead, please scroll down and read the full article.

What's new with the 2021 Omega Moonwatch Master Chronometer?

Please don't hate me if you don't find me listed among the now-phased-out Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch's most prominent supporters; an Omega 311. did not fully mimic this legendary chronograph's foothold, to be honest.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-steel-2The 2021 new Moonwatch is shaking things up and pays homage to the case style historically coded as 105.012, thus showcasing a modern take on the wristwatch once worn by Apollo 11's astronauts. The second experiment in a row follows Omega's fourth-gen inspired Silver Snoopy Award, quite a hot piece already according to statistics and waiting lists.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-canopus-gold-3As a result, the 2021 Moonwatch welcomes a "Step dial" and the "dot over ninety," thus grabbing the attention of connoisseurs and vintage Speedmasters aficionados who're loving the new Speedmaster 321 too.

The new Omega Moonwatch's case design

When I first wore the Silver Snoopy, I realized the first change over previous generations was the superior build quality. While drawing inspiration from an older generation, each recent iteration looks upscale in materials, refinement, technical prowess.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-canopus-gold-4Although I would have loved Omega to finally introduce proprietary steel on the likes of Sedna™, Canopus™, or MoonshineGold instead, the new Moonwatch has a more luxurious feel and is far more compelling and rich in details than ever before (e.g., please see the double-stepped solid case back). To most people and to my surprise too, the overall case proportions have dramatically changed, something you won't read in the specs' sheet: measuring 42mm across, the new one comes with either reduced thickness and lug to lug distance (top-down) to make the new Speedy smaller than it looks from afar.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-collectionBoth steel options stop well under 14 millimeters, with the sapphire glass Moonwatch measuring 13,2 mm instead of the 13.6 mm you'll find on the hesalite-crystal. It is a substantial improvement over the old one, and it's a key feature I would emphasize, along with the inside-and-out re-engineered bracelet, from a communication standpoint. That's a pity the 2021 new Speedmaster Moonwatch timepieces still offer a water resistance of up to 50 meters instead. Although I won't expect any Speedy to perform like a Seamaster, 100-meter water tightness and a screw-down crown represents a missed opportunity.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-steelFinally, the almost entirely brushed finish is usually not a build quality amplifier; I would have gone here for a different polished-to-brushed surface ratio as per their direct contenders in this class of products. However, the new Moonwatch conveys sporty elegance and "understatement" while being the closest new thing to the first and only watch worn on the moon. The Hesalite Moonwatch's bracelet is entirely brushed on top; in contrast, the Sapphire Moonwatch's thin mid-links are mirror-polished.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-canopus-gold-2Next is the bezel, whose inlay is in aluminum. Well, I get the point of not adopting a ceramic ring, but I'm not sure a die-hard fan won't appreciate it. Last week, the new Omega Moonwatch 2021 was among the hottest topics among our Space Omega Club's members' discussions, as expected, and the redesigned bracelet was the most coveted.

How is the Omega Moonwatch Master Chronometer's bracelet made?

Here is, from a consumer's perspective, the new collection's "game-changer"; no photo or video could ever do justice to how the new compares to the old one. It's where designers and engineers put their most extraordinary effort to make the Moonwatch 2021 feel and wear differently.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-canopus-gold-5Once on your wrist, it is so light that it feels like it's made of titanium: measuring 20 millimeters on top (according to lug-to-lug distance) it tapers down to 15 mils close to the fully redesigned Omega clasp.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-steel-1If you're eager to experience where the Moonwatch 2021 is different from the Moonwatch 2020, you'd better stop here for a while. I'm sure the new Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 2021 will grab new followers searching for class and comfort.

The dial

It is unmistakably Speedmaster Professional from any angle. The "Step" dial, the curved hour and minute hands, the applied Omega logo, and the green-glowing baton indexes are familiar.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-steel-lumeAgain, Omega's designers did a great job in fine-tuning and refining one of the most loved and recognizable watch dials; it is quite a challenging and dangerous task altogether when you're updating such a legendary chronograph.

The new Omega caliber 3861

The mechanical movement's upgrade is a welcomed technical upgrade; the 2020 Omega Moonwatch is not up to the task anymore and outperformed inside and out of the brand. The new Master Chronometer certified movement preserves the Lemania-based layout while replacing two old calibers in one go. Let me remind the old Hesalite Moonwatch is housing the caliber 1861, and the Sapphire Moonwatch adopts the better decorated 1863 instead.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-steel-4Capable of ensuring a mere 50 hours of maximum power reserve, it is far more accurate and technologically advanced than the caliber it is replacing; according to specifications, the new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 2021 guarantees a 0/+ five seconds per day accuracy, thus considerably extending the COSC standard, which is a step along the timepiece's certification process.

Omega Moonwatch Canopus™ Gold

While we're quite familiar with SednaGold (the new Moonwatch Sedna™ Gold wasn't available this time around), CanopusGold is a kind of forbidden fruit, although it belongs to Omega's offering since 2018, and here is its first-ever appearance on a Moonwatch. Originally introduced on the classic Seamaster trio of watches celebrating the 2018 Winter Olympics, it also appeared on a couple of Omega Tresor and the flagship De Ville Tourbillon Co-Axial Master Chronometer 43 mm.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-canopus-gold-7Strangely enough, there are very few pieces of information regarding this patented gold alloy, which gives the Moonwatch CanopusGold a cool grey-frosted appearance, further enhanced by the almost entirely brushed finish. That's a great piece if you're a gold Moonwatch lover and collector, whose price is second to the glorious Omega 321 in platinum only.

Which Moonwatch would I take, and why? Final thoughts

If you thought, before reading this article, that the new Moonwatch was just a 3861-powered old formula, as most friends and readers still do believe, you're wrong. There's a giant leap between old and new Moonwatch. Case design and proportions are different; the dial is different, and, finally, the bracelet is different too. I also believe the prospective consumer is somewhat different. More refined, better built, and with a distinctive new sporty-elegant bracelet, the new Moonwatch is an eye-catcher to those patiently waiting for class-leading performances and to collectors of vintage Speedmasters.

omega-moonwatch-2021-master-chronometer-3861-canopus-gold-6I think Omega nailed it with the 2021 product family, and I hope it keeps abandoning the Limited Edition marketing strategy; something is out of date to a brand this exclusive, aiming to lead in the premium luxury. To sum it up, the 2021 Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chromometer 3861 is a winner, whose delta price over the old generation is fair, given pedigree, specs, and feel.

Omega Moonwatch 2021 Price List and product references

Please find below all the new eight references:

  • Omega Moonwatch 2021 Hesalite reference 310. - price 6.000 Euro

  • Omega Moonwatch 2021 Hesalite reference 310. - price 6,300 Euro

  • Omega Moonwatch 2021 Sapphite reference 310. - price 6,800 Euro

  • Omega Moonwatch 2021 Sapphite reference 310. - price 7,200 Euro

  • Omega Moonwatch 2021 Canopus Gold reference 310. - price 30,500 Euro

  • Omega Moonwatch 2021 Canopus Gold reference 310. - price 45,400 Euro

  • Omega Moonwatch 2021 Sedna Gold reference 310. - price 24,700 Euro

  • Omega Moonwatch 2021 Sedna Gold reference 310. - price 34,900 Euro

For additional information, please visit the official Omega watches website.

(Photo credit: Marco Antinori for Horbiter®)

Gaetano C @Horbiter®

Instagram - Gaetano Cimmino

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