tommy hilfiger

tommy hilfiger

17 October 2013 |

Happiness is a Tommy Hilfiger watch

Good morning I have a story to tell.
That of a passionate collector of watches ( It won’t be long before I’ll cover my two IWC on Horbiter ) who discovered the pleasure of casual chic while traveling in the United States. Do not tell my publisher, always serious and so focused on the high-end range but sometimes, especially we women, we consider a watch as a complement to our total-look, easy-to-wear, lightweight, comfortable and prefer a look day-by-day to a product of fine mechanics.
During my trip, I came across the Mall of America, one of those American shopping temples, where you know when you enter, but you do not know when ( and if) you will ever exit.
Well! “Rummaging " between the various outlets I came across a display with some nice and affordable watches and among them I found the Tommy Hilfiger watch you see in these pictures:

Now, you can also tell my Publisher that we are talking about a watch that is not superluxurious...

Nevertheless, Horbiter, by his own "mission" is responsible for "innovative and exclusive " hands-on reviews, right? And this Tommy Hilfiger watch is both! The movement is a simple quartz but it is not sure the reason that prompted me to purchase, but its bangle shape that reminds me of some materials used during the 70s, such as galalite, rodoide and the watch embedded in the cuff to recall the 30s .
Two halves that in the first click embrace your wrist. Look how elegant, the perfect complement to a set of bracelets, a pair of Dondup shades and a “Happiness is a ten dollar tee" t-shirt:

I go now; I'm ready for my Roman aperitif. Happiness, today, is a Tommy Hilfiger watch - Real luxury today is casual chic!

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