The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono Black PVD meets Jack Ryan

The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono Black PVD meets Jack Ryan

A Hamilton Watch is the timepiece worn by Tom Clancy's character in a new TV series

21 September 2018 | Hamilton

Do you remember the last time you heard about the CIA analyst Jack Ryan? If you have turned forty you do know what am I talking about. In case you don't, let me help you: it was 1990 and the movie "The Hunt for Red October" was launched. It was a masterpiece directed by John McTiernan, starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin, playing a Soviet naval captain and CIA analyst Jack Ryan respectively. That film was based on Tom Clancy's bestselling novel titled "The Great Escape of Red October" and, as it has happened in recent years with other famous movies, the novel has now inspired a tv series.

john-krasinskiAmazon Prime Video, which is the American e-commerce giant's streaming tv channel (it currently totals more than 100 million subscribers) launched, at the end of August, a new action series called Jack Ryan, which tells, in eight episodes, the story of the most famous secret service analyst in the history of filmmaking.

Jack-Ryan-Campaign-PosterThis is, for Hamilton Watch, the American-rooted Swiss brand, a smart move aimed at broadening its presence on the tv screen and boost its visibility, by appearing in a tv series for the very first time.

John Krasinski, the actor who plays the role of Jack Ryan in the series, debuted a very special timepiece like the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono Black PVD equipped with a black rubber strap and a pin buckle in the shape of letter "H". If the Field Auto Chrono is quite known to the general public since it is one of the most popular chronographs of the brand (and among the most performing on the market, with its 60 hours of power reserve), this military-looking black version was quite unexpected and is pretty cool too.

hamilton-Khaki-Field-Auto-Chrono-black-pvd-H71626735-unoAfter celebrating the Khaki Navy Scuba Auto in the last two months, time has come now to move to something different like this special, non-limited edition watch that draws clearly inspiration from the spy-military genre.

john-krasinski-1By launching this collaboration project, Hamilton Watch has in my opinion explored new and faster ways to introduce its products to a whole new base of potential customers.

(Photo and video credit: courtesy of Hamilton Watch)

Gaetano C. @Horbiter®

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