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History and milestones of the brand founded in 1957

The Rado watches brand was officially launched in 1950, but the company was initially founded in 1917, in Lengnau. Created under the name Schlup & Co., by brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup, it was initially conceived as a small atelier, to become among the largest producers of mechanical movements by the end of the Second World War, and began selling RADO branded watches only in 1950. In 1957 Rado launched the Golden Horse collection, followed by the Green Horse collection, that we were lucky enough to see and photograph last year at Villa Gamberaia, during the international launch of the Rado True Thin Line Nature Collection.

1962: RADO presents the DiaStar 1.

It is in 1962, however, that RADO adds an essential milestone to its history, by launching the world's ever first scratch-resistant watch, the DiaStar 1. The DiaStar 1 introduced two world premieres in modern watchmaking: the world's first case made of Hardmetal, and the sapphire crystal. From that moment on, the brand was regarded to as a pioneer in creating and adopting technologically advanced materials, such as Hi-Tech ceramics, ultra-light ceramics and special alloys such as Ceramos.

Horbiter® offers extensive coverage of Rado watches, including high-quality photos and videos.

RADO boasts today the highest number of patents when it comes to new materials, that are coupled to minimalistic design, to offer comfort on the wrist and high resistance to wear. Horbiter® has widely covered all the Rado collections so far and has produced exclusive videos like the Rado Star Prize in Milan, in 2017.

In this dedicated page, you will also find a direct link to our watch catalog and those products that are milestones in the brand's history. Rado watches are strictly connected to the introduction of ceramics in watchmaking, and the brand has invested consistently in developing innovative materials and cutting-edge technologies.

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